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We chose Cerberus as the codename for Blogsy 4.1

August 9th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Features | Fun | Improve | Update | User Requests

Thank you to everyone that got involved in helping us come up with the codename for Blogsy 4.1. We were blown away by how many great names people suggested. It made it really tough to choose one. But as a bonus we now have a great list for future versions.

We decided to go with Cerberus because there are 3 of us developing Blogsy and the three heads fit with that.

Cerberus will bring a feature that users have been begging for since we first released Blogsy. We finally figured out a way to do it within the confines of the iOS SDK. And the second feature Cerberus will bring is something we think users will get a lot of use out of but I am sure many haven't even thought about having it integrated. I will give more details the closer Apple gets to approving Cerberus.



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