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View Post feature and Multiple Image Uploads for Tumblr coming in Medusa (Blogsy 4.0)

June 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Features | Fomola | Improve | Tumblr | Update | User Requests

4 more days (we’re pretty sure) until Apple approves Medusa.

Now on to two more things we have added in Medusa.

1) View Post – Now you will be able to view your post with your blog’s theme with the touch of a button. There are a couple of different places you will find this capability.

If you go to the Post Info. menu then look at your “online” listing you will see an eye next to the posts you will be able to view. The only platform which gives us the ability to view draft posts is WordPress. Each blogging platform is different so you will need to see what your platform allows.

WordPress – notice the eye next to the drafts.


Just tap on an eye and that post will open in Blogsy’s built in browser.

There is another place where you will see this “view” option. After you have published, if your blogging platform supports it you will be given an option to view the post.

This means that if you are using WordPress you you will see this view option even if you are posting it as a draft. So if you want to preview your post in your blog theme before you publish it then you can set it as a draft, then choose the option to “Post & Keep Local Draft” and then hit the “view” option. You will then see the draft on your blog. If you like the way it looks then change it to “Published” and update it. If not then keep on typing or formatting and then update and view it again.

2) Multiple Image Uploads for Tumblr – Now you can upload up to 5 images at a time for a Tumblr photo post.

There are a couple of things to realize about this feature though. 1) The API only really supports a single photo to be uploaded with a post. So this is a workaround the developers figured out. But in order to do this the file size has to be reduced. If people are viewing the images on the net this shouldn’t really matter though. 2) The API does not show how much has been uploaded so there is no way we can show something like an uploading progress bar. This mean if you are uploading 5 images you will have to just be patient as it is publishing the post.

Come back tomorrow to see more things added to Blogsy in Medusa.


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