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The Blogsy Guys – Episode 4 (Podcast)

August 12th, 2011 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Podcast

Oops, we got busy working on The Imp and then The Cyclops and I forgot to do the blog post about the latest edition of The Blogsy Guys. No worries though as we are just doing this for fun.


  1. Lion feeling – It roars.
  2. Coma – Man Wakes from Coma after bing dead for 21 hours.
  3. Apple Store Grand Central – Good marketing move.
  4. Frii Bike – Bigwheel for grownups.


1. Facebook for iPad – Facebook on your iPad?

2: Star Trek PADD – Cool but not what I want.

3. Forecast – Where will you be?

4. Seoul Bus – Getting around in Seoul made easier.


The Imp is waiting for Apple’s approval.


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