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Thanks Gizmodo and everyone else that has reviewed Blogsy!

June 17th, 2011 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Review

I have been planning this post for some time but have just been too busy to actually sit down and write it up. What finally got me to make the time to do this post was the fact that Gizmodo chose Blogsy as App of the day!

I want this post to be a big thank you letter to all the sites and individuals which have reviewed or written about Blogsy. It has just been amazing to see how well received Blogsy has been. We are not arrogant enough to think that Blogsy is perfect and that is why we are working so hard on improving it. And there are some unfavorable reviews out there but it is very cool to see that the vast majority of reviewers think that Blogsy is pretty good the way it is and only getting better with each new update.

Here is the list of all the reviews and write-ups we have been able to collect. I am sure there are many more which we have not come by. So if you know of a review or write-up which you don’t find in this list please leave a link in the comments.

I set out to organize this list in order of most recent to oldest but I quickly realized that it was just too time consuming. So the reviews are all mixed up. And as I was going through tidying up the list and deleting duplicates I struggled with deciding whether I should drop the negative ones or not. I decided to just leave them in there and let people make of them what they want. You will also find that the vast majority of the reviews are from the first month after we first released Blogsy. The biggest reason for this is that we were trying to gauge user reaction so we would know how to improve Blogsy. Now we have a good amount of direct user feedback so we have that to use as our gauge. We love this user feedback and interaction – it makes improving Blogsy so much more fun!

So, thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed or written about Blogsy!

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