Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

Instagram Videos In your Posts

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We are currently looking into the Instagram API to see if we can make it possible to drag your Instragram videos into a post. Right now you can just drag in photos or the preview photo of videos.

But I didn’t want to wait until the programmers could figure out if it was possible or not and if so get it programmed into Blogsy. So I set out to find an easy way to get my Instagram videos into blog posts. Here is the easiest way I have found to do it. If you know of an easier way please let me know in the comments. And for this example I used WordPress but it should also work the same way for blogger. For Tumblr it seems easier and for other blogging platforms it may take an email-to-post setup.

The Setup

(You just need to set these things up once and then never bother with them again.)

IFTTT.com Setup – This is a very powerful service that automates many things.

a) Set up an Instagram to WordPress recipe in ifttt.com. You can set this up on the web or in their new iOS app. IFTTT.com does now allow iFrame HTML in their recipes so you can just have it autopost the video to your blog. It takes a little editing in Blogsy.

b) When setting up the “if this” part for Instagram choose “Any new video by you”.

c) When setting up the “then that” part for WordPress choose “Create a post”

d) For the “Body” choose “Instagram URL” not “Video Source URL”.

e) After you finish go into the recipe and edit it. Set the title, categories and tags as you want. Under “Post status” choose “Save as draft”


f) IFTTT.com is now all set up and the next time you shoot a Instagram video a draft post will automatically be posted to your blog.

iPad Setup – This is a very powerful device that makes many things possible. :D

a) Set up an iOS shortcut to make things very simple. To to your iPad Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add new shortcut…

b) Paste the following code into the “shortcut” field. (You can change the width and height settings if you want. I just used the Instagram default.)

<iframe src="URLembed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

c) Use and phrase you want but it shouldn’t be something you may type as part of a word or by accident.

Now your iPad is all set up.

In Action

After you have shot your Instagram video and ifttt.com has checked the recipe and posted the draft post to your blog you do the following.

1) In Blogsy go to “O” for your online posts and open the Instagram draft post into Blogsy to edit. All you will see is the video URL.

2) Flip to the HTML Side. Place your cursor where you want and write your iOS shortcut phrase then tap space and the iframe embed code will be added.

4) Select the Instagram video URL and choose “cut”.

5) Choose the “URL” in the iframe embed code and choose “Paste”

This is what the code should look like.

Flip back to the Rich Side and you will see where the video will be. The iOS webview cannot fetch the videos so you will just see a blank square. But when you publish to your blog the video will be there.

6) Open the Post Info. menu and change the “Status” from “Draft” to “Published”.

7) Tap on the “Update” button at the top of the Post Info. menu (or do the three finger swipe up) to update that to your blog.

That’s it. You have the Instagram video in your blog post. (You could also copy that full iframe embed code and paste it into a different post if you want to add the video to some other post instead.)




We have submitted Blogsy 3.2.1 to Apple and as soon as they approve it we will release it. It normally takes Apple about a week to approve updates but we have requested that the expedite this update as their are critical bug fixes in it. Hopefully they will do this and you will have the update in the next few days.

Here is what is in Blogsy 3.2.1.

1) Paragraph Spacing for Blogger users.

We have added an option in the Settings menu where users can change the HTML method to using the <div> tag instead of the <p> tag. For users that want to use the Blogger method of hitting enter once and getting no spacing they’ll need to select this setting. BUT THE <div> TAG CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH SOME BLOG THEMES.

Description of the problem: In Blogsy 3.2 we were able to figure out a way to parse the way the iOS webkit uses <div> tags and use the standard <p> tags. But for some reason Blogger chooses to use the <br/> tag instead of the <p> tag. With a <p> tag there is spacing after the paragraph. But with the <br/> tag there is no spacing. Blogger users want the single spacing of the <br/> tag. iOS does not allow us to use the <br/> tag in the webkit (Rich Side in Blogsy).

If a user does not want to change to the <div> tag method but wants to use the <br/> tag once in a while they will need to flip to the HTML side and write it in the correct location.

2) XML Parser errors fixed.

Description of bug fixed: If your XML feed is malformed it causes an error in Blogsy. But in Blogsy 3.1 we were able to add code which locally corrected the most common malformed XML feed problems. This did not fix your malformed XML, it just locally fixed the errors so Blogsy could function for your blog correctly. In Blogsy 3.2 this correcting code was not working.

3) Photo Library “Load 20 More” fixed.

Description of bug fixed: If a user taps on the “Load 20 More” at the bottom of the iPad Photo Album panel it will load photos from a different album.

4) Text wrapping around images fixed.

Description of bug fixed: If a user chooses to wrap text around an image and the paragraph is longer than the image the text does not wrap around  the image. If you publish the post the text will actually wrap around the image even though it does not appear that way in Blogsy.

 5) iPad Photo Library Crash.

We have changed some code which we think will solve this problem. But as we are not able to reproduce this problem we can’t test to see if it actually solves the problem. If you continue to have this problem after updating to Blogsy 3.2.1 please notify us right away.

Description of bug fixed: When a user taps on the iPad photo library icon Blogsy crashes.

6) Joomla and Drupal more tag update fixed.

 Description of bug fixed: If a Joomla or Drupal user updates a post which has a more tag in it nothing after the more tag will be part of the post.

7) Translation problems fixed.

Description of errors fixed: 1) The “Add” button for Labels for Blogger blogs is in French. 2) The version number and name are incorrect in the French version of Blogsy. 3) The word “Bookmarklet” should be used in the Spanish version for the “Blogsy Bookmarklet” button.


There are a few things which work a little differently after this Phoenix update of Blogsy so it is really important that any current users watch this video.



Version 2.3 critical bug and fix.

August 19th, 2011 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Update - (0 Comments)

We should be submitting an update to Apple tonight (our time) to address a couple of bugs. One such bug is a critical bug fix. Apple take up to a week to approve updates so it should be in the App Store next week.

Critical bug –

This issue can occur only when you have chosen to publish to your Posterous blog. If Blogsy receives an error message from your blog when posting (depending on the error message) Blogsy considers the post to be published and clears it from local memory. Depending on the error message the post may never get published to your blog. Therefore, in this set of circumstances your post is lost. As a precaution, until the this update comes out next week, before you publish your post, copy everything on the Write Side (HTML Side). Just select it all and tap on copy. You don’t need to paste it anywhere. Now publish your post and if you get the error message and your post never shows up on your blog then just paste what you copied back into the Write Side. You need to set the title and tags again.
The fix will make sure that Blogsy does not clear the post if an error message is received. But it may still publish even though an error message is received. So, in this case users will need to delete the post from the local list in Blogsy manually if the post actually published after getting an error message.


This update is code named The Monster. We have submitted it to Apple and as soon as Apple approves it (5 to 7 days) it will be released out into the wild.

I don’t want to say one feature change is better than another but the crowning jewel may be page support. That’s right, now you can use Blogsy to create or edit pages. But I will just give you the full list and you can decide which feature enhancement you think is the crowning jewel.


User-Created Blogsy Badge!

July 8th, 2011 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy - (3 Comments)

We just wanted to say thank you for the support to all the people that decided to put the Blogsy badge on their blog. We’re not sure how many people have put it on their blog but this is the list of people that gave us the URL to their blogs.


A few users have complained, saying that Blogsy was stripping out some HTML or not recognizing certain HTML entities. And if you read the earlier blog post about what we are working on then you know that we are looking into giving users the option to turn the parser off and and also improving the HTML entities recognized by our parser.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Blogsy will have the option to turn the parser off. But this will actually not do much for you as it is not our parser that is causing problems recognizing some HTML entities.

Let me go through and explain this in more detail.