Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.


   Photo UPloader for blogS – PUPS



We have learned over the last few years of Blogsy that some people don’t have an iPad (I know, hard to believe) and some that do have an iPad still prefer to blog from their blog’s admin in a browser.

But for these people it is a hassle to get the photos from their iPhones (or iPads) to their computer then upload them to their blog then add them to their posts one at a time. Yes, it can be done but it is such a hassle and waste of time.

This is where PUPS fits in. With PUPS you can upload photos to your blog’s media library so when you sit down to write your post your photos are already there. You no longer will have to go through the hassle of getting the photos from your iPhone (or iPad) to your computer then uploading them, then adding them to your post one at a time.

With PUPS you can batch upload, rename, resize and even choose to send yourself an email with the embed codes. So you can can just copy the embed code from the email and paste it into the HTML view of your preferred editor and your photos will be in your post – lickety-split.

The Photo UPloader for blogS – PUPS homepage can be found here – http://fomola.com/pups/

PUPS has multiple features to make a blogger’s life easier.

1) Email yourself the image embed codes – If you choose, you can send yourself an email with the image embed codes. Then you just copy the embed codes from the email and paste them into your blog editor and your photos will be in your post. A quick and simple way to get the photos into your post.

2) Rename files – Important for SEO purposes or for anyone that wants the image filename to be descriptive.

3) Default resize – Set a default file size so all the photos you upload will be resized to this. This will save server space and make uploading quicker.

4) Individual resize – Set the file size for individual photos. Maybe you want one to be larger or small than your default file size setting.

5) Multiple blog support – Set up as many blogs as you want on the same blogging platform or on different blogging platforms.

6) Upload History – See what you have uploaded in the past and also select them to email yourself the embed codes again.

7) Background Uploading – Get the uploading started then get back to what you were doing. The photos will get uploaded in the background so you don’t have to waste time watching them upload.

8) PUPS Supports the following blogging platforms. (For detailed information about each check out our Platforms Page.www.fomola.com/PUPS/Platforms)

– WordPress (Self Hosted and WordPress.com blogs)
– TypePad
– Movable Type
– Joomla
– Drupal
– IBM Connections
– Squarespace 5
– MetaWeblog (Don’t see your blogging platform on the list? Check if it supports the MetaWeblog API. Almost all do.)

PUPS - name and resize settings view PUPS - embed email PUPS - blogging platforms

PUPS - Uploaded view PUPS - Default Photo Size view PUPS - Background Uploading


These are the things which can be found in this update.

Bug Fixes

  1. WordPress – Geolocation locality no longer shows as “null” in the Geotagging section.
  2. WordPress – If the value type of the Featured Image ID was a number instead of a string then Blogsy would crash. Fixed.
  3. Blogger – The <br> tag in a <div> tag would get stripped out in a post fetched from the blog. Fixed.
  4. Tumblr, Posterous – Corrected text in the photo attachment box to reflect when it is possible to drag in photos to attach them to a post.
  5. Picasa – Blogsy now uses the longer image dimension to set the Picasa image display size source.
  6. Instagram – If a user had their Instagram account set to private Blogsy would crash when trying to drag in an image from Instagram. Fixed.
  7. Typepad – If a post was created in the HTML view in the Typepad admin and a user hit enter (creating a new line) when writing that post then Blogsy would treat this as a new paragraph even though Typepad did not. Blogsy now treats it the same way as Typepad and collapses those.
  8. Cannon CR2 RAW photos – If a user had imported Cannon CR2 images and there were more than 6 of those images in an album Blogsy would crash when accessing that album. Fixed.
  9. HTML / Photo Uploads – If the HTML sent from the iPad for embedded images was different than the typical HTML Blogsy would publish is as that HTML instead of first uploading the images. Fixed
  10. Link Button – If a user selected more than one word to create a link the “Link” option would not appear in the text selection bubble. Fixed.
  11. HTML / Lists – The placement of  </ul> and </lo> in the HTML code would be incorrect in some situations. Fixed.
  12. Delete Button – The “Delete” button in the Image, Video, and Link Settings menus would move when scrolling the menu up and down. Fixed.

Function Changes

  1. Accessing iPad Photo Library – Improved memory usage so loading speeds are greatly improved.
  2. iPad Photo Library – Changed default setting so Blogsy will open to direct drag in method instead of envelope view after first installing Blogsy.
  3. Tumblr, Posterous – When a user is working on a Tumblr photo post or a Posterous post then Blogsy will default open to the envelope view when tapping on the iPad Photo Library. This is done because Tumblr and Posterous have the option to attach images to a post but do not have the option to embed photos from the iPad Photo library and have the embedded photos uploaded at the time of publishing.
  4. Translation – Updated translation for all languages.


Cerberus (Blogsy 4.1) brings three big new features.


1) Offline/Direct adding of photos from the iPad photo library – Yep, we finally figured out how to make it possible to add photos from the iPad Photo library to a post without having to upload the images first. This also means that you will be able to add photos to a post when you are offline. We will have a how-to video up later today showing how this new feature works.

2) Facebook integration – That’s right, now you can drag in photos from your Facebook account to your blog posts. This means you can easily blog about photos on your Facebook account and also photos you have been tagged in. Also, Blogsy now give you the ability to upload photos to your Facebook account with. This way you wont have to have the same photo on Facebook and also in your blog media library. Photos that you upload with Blogsy to your Facebook account will not be added to your timeline. If you want them to be added to your timeline then you can go to your Facebook account in a desktop browser and add them to your timeline.

If you are a current Blogsy user and want to add Facebook go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> Add A New Item -> Then tap on Facebook. This will add it to the dock in Blogsy and you can set up your Facebook account.

3) Featured Image – Yes, Blogsy already had Featured Image support. But that required you to make some changes to the PHP files on your server. Now, if you are running WordPress 3.4 or later then Blogsy will detect that and you won’t have to make those PHP file changes. This also means that WordPress.com users will now be able to set the Featured Image with Blogsy.

[Bugs Fixed]

1) If users tried to post with custom fields that included location data the user manually put in, Blogsy would crash.

2) Metaweblog conflict – If a user had a TypePad, Joomla or SquareSpace blog set up then would try to set up a metaweblog blog Blogsy would crash.

3) In certain circumstances Blogsy would crash when uploading images to a Drupal media library.

4) Metaweblog blogs – incorrect date type problem when trying to post or update.

5) Joomla blogs – some servers required a specific URL to the xmlrpc file.

5) XMLRPC blogs – Blogsy won’t clear a post if an error occurs while posting or updating a post.

6) NAVER blogs – Blogsy would always publish the post as private.

7) Browser button – Infrequently, Blogsy would crash when tappong the browser button in the dock.



I came across a great article on Technorati about the blogosphere. The title is State of the Blogosphere 2011 and it is filled with a wealth of information. If you are a blogger in any shape or form it is definitely worth the read. It was for 2011 but it was done toward the end of 2011 so I think the information is still fresh and relevant.

One thing that they said in the article is that bloggers updated their blogs more frequently and spent more time blogging in 2011. That is great news because I remember reading not so long ago that with the advent of social sites like Facebook and Twitter blogging was dying. As mentioned in this article those have impacted the content of blogs but they have not killed or maimed blogging. I like to hear that because I think blogging plays a very important role on the web in sharing lengthy and detailed information.

Being the graph and data junkie that I am this article is probably the best I have read on the state of the blogosphere. There are just too many great graphs and charts to go into all of them so these are the ones that got me thinking. They made me wonder how Blogsy fits into the blogosphere.

From this graph it looks like Blogsy has most bloggers covered. The only ones on the list that Blogsy does not support is LiveJournal and SquareSpace.


I was hoping that they had a chart which asked if tablets or smartphones have impacted the frequency of publishing posts. But I guess they are more focused on whether or not they have changed the content of blog posts.


It’s great to see that people are using more images and videos due to the advent of tablets and smartphones. In our humble opinion, Blogsy makes it incredibly easy to use photos and videos in a blog post. And as several of our users have said on Twitter, it’s even easier to create a blog post with pictures and videos using Blogsy than on the blog’s admin panel using a PC/Mac.


We are looking forward to seeing Technorati’s blog post about the blogosphere next year.



Because Blogsy is a blogging app our RSS feeds are filled with blogs that talk about blogging. One of these articles in my RSS feed caught my eye so I thought I would share it with you.

The title of the article is WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs. I think it is obvious from the title that they are comparing what platforms are being used. But I have to admit that I misread the title, or just didn’t register the last part until I read the article, because I thought the article was covering the most commonly used blogging platforms in general. But in actuality they are just talking about the top 100 blogs on the internet. I think the needs of the top 100 blogs may be a little different than the needs of the casual blogger out there. So we have to focus on supporting both the power bloggers and the casual bloggers.

I was really surprised to see that Blogger only makes up 2%. According to our feedback from Blogsy users, the number of people using Blogger is a much higher percentage.

Platforms on this chart that Blogsy currently supports are WordPress (hosted & self-hosted), Movable Type, Drupal, Typepad, Blogger and Tumblr. Blogsy also supports Posterous, IBM Connections and Joomla (1.5) which are not found in the chart. And as for Gawker, BlogSmith, Scoop, and Didrot, we’re not familiar with these and no one has ever emailed asking for us to support them.


We finally got a New iPad

April 27th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Fomola - (8 Comments)

They finally started selling the New iPad here in Korea so we were able to get one.

Sean had to wait in line for about 2 and a half hours. That is pretty amazing here in Korea because this is Samsung country and Apple doesn’t have the same kind of cult following.

It was so cool to finally get to see Blogsy in full Retina glory. We had to develop and add Retina support to Blogsy without ever getting to see it on a Retina display so we couldn’t really grasp how it would look. We are pretty happy with the results. But we did find an issue with dragging in photos to an envelope for uploading – we fixed that Retina display issue.

In the first picture you can see the line of people waiting to get the New iPad. If you look closely you will see “Willy’s” as the name of the place. There are no “Apple Stores” in Korea. All Apple products or sold through resellers here. There are several different resellers. They try to make them look similar to a true Apple Store and they do a pretty good job but it just feels different for some reason.

In the second picture you can see the three iPads we test Blogsy on – iPad1, iPad2 and the New iPad.



Blogsy 3.3.1 – Bug update.

February 20th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Update - (0 Comments)

We are getting reports of three bugs in the Blogsy 3.3 update. If you have spotted a bug which you don’t see on the list please email me at info@fomola.com

We will be submitting an update to Apple in the next few days to fix these problems. We will ask Apple to rush it through the approval process but if they refuse then it will take them a week to approve it.

1) Critical bug found for Blogger users.

Problem: If a user declines to set up their Blogger account again when Blogsy asks, and they only have Blogger accounts set up in Blogsy, then if they exit Blogsy with a post open this post will be lost.

Solution: We have this fixed and it will be in this bug update. But in the meantime any of these things will keep this from happening.

  1. Set up your blog when Blogsy askes.
  2. Tap the plus button before closing Blogsy.
  3. Set up your Blogger account before exiting Blogsy.
  4. Set up an account for another blogging platform before exiting Blogsy.

2) TypePad – When users select TypePad as their blog they should get the TypePad options in the Post Info. menu. But instead they are getting the Posterous options. They can still publish and create keywords (tags) but they can’t fetch or set categories and can’t set a post as a draft.

3) Justify and right-align – If a user uses the justify or right-align options in the formatting toolbar the text is not justified or right-aligned when published to their blog. In Blogsy 3.3 we strip out all the useless HTML that Apple adds. The HTML for justifying and right-aligning text is getting stripped out in this process. Until the update comes out you will need to flip to the HTML side and write the justify or right align code yourself then publish your post from the HTML Side. If you flip back to the Rich Side the justify or right-align HTML will be stripped out.

You need to replace the <p> tag for any paragraph you want justified with the following. <p style = “text-align: justify;”>

You need to replace the <p> tag for any paragraph you want right-aligned with the following. <p style = “text-align: right;”>

To make it easier you can set up an iOS “Shortcuts” or a TextExpander snippet.

4) The “Link” option in the selection bubble sometimes does not appear. We are still trying to figure out the reason for this. The solution is to completely close Blogsy then relaunch Blogsy and the Link option will be there again. (Close Blogsy then open the iPad multitask area and delete Blogsy from it. Then launch Blogsy again.)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.