Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

If you have a Blogger blog and have Blogsy set to upload to your blog’s media library (a Picasa account) don’t update Blogsy to version 4.3.3.

We just discovered a problem with uploading to Picasa. As soon as we have more detailed information I will add it to this post.

5/23/2014 4:00pm

We figured out the bug and fixed it and submitted the update to Apple (Blogsy 4.3.4). 

One workaround until this update comes out would be to use some other app (there are many free apps that upload to Picasa) to upload photos to your Picasa account. Then from within Blogsy you can drag in those photos from the Picasa dock item to add them to your post and publish your post.

We’re very sorry for these troubles.
Apple has approved the update and now Blogsy 4.3.4 can be found in the App Store.

Google (the owner of Blogger, Picasa and YouTube) has changed the return value type of one parameter in their OAuth Authentication response. This means that when you go to set up a Blogger, Picasa or YouTube account in Blogsy then Blogsy will crash or never stop trying to fetch the setup menu. This should only impact trying to set up a new account. If you have already set up your account in Blogsy before Google made this change it should not impact you.

To be precise, previously Google used the number “1” for the “verified_email” parameter when it’s valid in one of the OAuth Authentication responses.

But now they’re using string “true” for the “verified_email” parameter.

We have fixed this and now we are going to submit it to Apple and ask them to hurry and approve the update.

02/08/2014 Update

We tried to submit the update to Apple and got rejected. Here is a screenshot showing the rejection.

The reason for the rejection is that as of February 1st Apple requires all apps to be built with Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK. We have continued to build Blogsy in Xcode 4 because when we use Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK Blogsy’s drag and drop functionality no longer works and also it causes Blogsy to crash on an iPad 2 running iOS 7 (we are guessing this is related to a memory limit).

So we have to figure out how to overcome these changes Apple made in Xcode and the SDK. And there is no way to block iPad 2 users running iOS7 from using Blogsy so we have to try to figure out a solution to the iPad2 problem if we build with Xcode5.  We are not sure exactly how long this will take but until we can get this figured out we won’t be able to submit the update fixing the change Google made in OAuth.

I will continue to update this post when we have more details to share.

2/11/2014 Update

We guess that enough developers complained to Google about their sudden change in OAuth because Google has restored it to the way it was before. This means that you should be able to once again set up your Blogger blog, YouTube, and Picasa accounts in Blogsy.

We are continuing to work on the update mentioned above so Blogsy can be build in Xcode5. And in that update we will add some code so even if Google changes OAuth in the same way users will still be able to set up their accounts.


These are the things which can be found in this update.

Bug Fixes

  1. WordPress – Geolocation locality no longer shows as “null” in the Geotagging section.
  2. WordPress – If the value type of the Featured Image ID was a number instead of a string then Blogsy would crash. Fixed.
  3. Blogger – The <br> tag in a <div> tag would get stripped out in a post fetched from the blog. Fixed.
  4. Tumblr, Posterous – Corrected text in the photo attachment box to reflect when it is possible to drag in photos to attach them to a post.
  5. Picasa – Blogsy now uses the longer image dimension to set the Picasa image display size source.
  6. Instagram – If a user had their Instagram account set to private Blogsy would crash when trying to drag in an image from Instagram. Fixed.
  7. Typepad – If a post was created in the HTML view in the Typepad admin and a user hit enter (creating a new line) when writing that post then Blogsy would treat this as a new paragraph even though Typepad did not. Blogsy now treats it the same way as Typepad and collapses those.
  8. Cannon CR2 RAW photos – If a user had imported Cannon CR2 images and there were more than 6 of those images in an album Blogsy would crash when accessing that album. Fixed.
  9. HTML / Photo Uploads – If the HTML sent from the iPad for embedded images was different than the typical HTML Blogsy would publish is as that HTML instead of first uploading the images. Fixed
  10. Link Button – If a user selected more than one word to create a link the “Link” option would not appear in the text selection bubble. Fixed.
  11. HTML / Lists – The placement of  </ul> and </lo> in the HTML code would be incorrect in some situations. Fixed.
  12. Delete Button – The “Delete” button in the Image, Video, and Link Settings menus would move when scrolling the menu up and down. Fixed.

Function Changes

  1. Accessing iPad Photo Library – Improved memory usage so loading speeds are greatly improved.
  2. iPad Photo Library – Changed default setting so Blogsy will open to direct drag in method instead of envelope view after first installing Blogsy.
  3. Tumblr, Posterous – When a user is working on a Tumblr photo post or a Posterous post then Blogsy will default open to the envelope view when tapping on the iPad Photo Library. This is done because Tumblr and Posterous have the option to attach images to a post but do not have the option to embed photos from the iPad Photo library and have the embedded photos uploaded at the time of publishing.
  4. Translation – Updated translation for all languages.

If past experience holds true then Apple will approve Medusa (Blogsy 4.0) within the next 24 hours. And as soon as they approve it we will release it in all the App Stores.

So this will be the last blog post detailing new features brought to Blogsy in Medusa.

Search Dock Feature – In previous versions of Blogsy we had the dock item for Google Image searches. But if you wanted to search YouTube, Flickr, Picasa or Vimeo you had to have an account set up to do that. Users said they wanted to be able to search these services even though they don't have an account on them. So we created a new Search dock item.

Just write what you want to search for in the the field then tap on the service you want to search. And just like all the other dock panels, you can drag any of these items over to add to your blog post.

Bug fixes – We are very happy about a couple of the bug fixes in Medusa. If you are not aware, if Blogsy crashes a crash report is automatically sent to a service called Crittercism. This helps us track crashing problems. We have been having trouble with two different crashes – according to Critercism they happen less than 1% of the time Blogsy is launched but they are our two most common crashes. These crashes have been going on for several versions of Blogsy now but we were unable to figure them out. We could not reproduce the crashing and the crash reports weren't showing where in the code the crash was happening. Well, quite by accident, we came across the crashes and once we were able to reproduce them we could fix them. So we are really happy that those two bug fixes are part of this update.

  • Link drag in on images/videos crashing fixed.
  • Double tap and hold crashing fixed.
  • Flickr – Fixed new photo set creation in account is set to private.
  • IBM Connections – Fixed showing error report message after every correct posting.
  • Apostrophe in link bug fixed.
  • Rich side cut, paste crashing fixed.




I came across a great article on Technorati about the blogosphere. The title is State of the Blogosphere 2011 and it is filled with a wealth of information. If you are a blogger in any shape or form it is definitely worth the read. It was for 2011 but it was done toward the end of 2011 so I think the information is still fresh and relevant.

One thing that they said in the article is that bloggers updated their blogs more frequently and spent more time blogging in 2011. That is great news because I remember reading not so long ago that with the advent of social sites like Facebook and Twitter blogging was dying. As mentioned in this article those have impacted the content of blogs but they have not killed or maimed blogging. I like to hear that because I think blogging plays a very important role on the web in sharing lengthy and detailed information.

Being the graph and data junkie that I am this article is probably the best I have read on the state of the blogosphere. There are just too many great graphs and charts to go into all of them so these are the ones that got me thinking. They made me wonder how Blogsy fits into the blogosphere.

From this graph it looks like Blogsy has most bloggers covered. The only ones on the list that Blogsy does not support is LiveJournal and SquareSpace.


I was hoping that they had a chart which asked if tablets or smartphones have impacted the frequency of publishing posts. But I guess they are more focused on whether or not they have changed the content of blog posts.


It’s great to see that people are using more images and videos due to the advent of tablets and smartphones. In our humble opinion, Blogsy makes it incredibly easy to use photos and videos in a blog post. And as several of our users have said on Twitter, it’s even easier to create a blog post with pictures and videos using Blogsy than on the blog’s admin panel using a PC/Mac.


We are looking forward to seeing Technorati’s blog post about the blogosphere next year.



We are really excited announce our latest update. We added a new platform, a new service and a whole lot of new features. It takes Apple about a week to approve updates so you should be able to find it on the App Store next week.

So what is in Dragon?


1. Retina Display Support – Blogsy now has the high resolution graphics to look clear and crisp on the New iPad.

2. Tumblr support – Blogsy supports all post types for Tumblr. So if you want to post a quote post, audio post, video post, text post,…etc, you can do it with Blogsy. Check out our platforms page to see all the Tumblr features Blogsy supports.



3. Vimeo support – This means you can now easily drag and drop your Vimeo videos into your post. No need to copy and paste embed codes.



4. Featured Image Support – Now you can set or edit the featured image for your self-hosted WordPress blog. You will be able to choose an image from your iPad to use as a featured image or choose an image from your WordPress Media Library. This is not part of the WordPress API so you need to change some files on your server in order to use this feature. If you want to do it now so you are prepared for when Blogsy will be on the App Store the instructions are here.

5. Custom Field Support – Set and edit custom fields for WordPress blog posts.

6. WordPress Media Library Access – If you have a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress blog which is running version 3.1 or later then you will have direct access to your media library.

7. PDF / Document / Audio WordPress Drag and Drop – You can drag and drop PDF, document or audio files from the WordPress media library into your post.

7. Post Format Support – Set and edit the post format for WordPress blog posts.

8. Sticky Support – Choose to make a WordPress blog post “Sticky” .

9. Keep Local Draft – We have added an option to keep a local draft when publishing a post to your blog.

10. Local Draft UI Change – Now even if you have a post open it will appear in the “local” draft list. There is a check mark next to the post in the list showing which post you currently have open.

11. Edit Button – Added an edit button at the top of the “local” draft lists to make it more clear how to delete a draft if a user is unaware of the swipe to delete UI.

12. IBM Connections Encoding – IBM Connections uses non-standard HTML entities for foreign languages. iOS can not read these special HTML entities. So we have built a parser for these so IBM Connections users can load and edit posts from their blog written in a foreign language.

13. TypePad Source Image – Blogsy now dynamically changes the source image used for displaying your image in a blog post based on the display size you choose. This makes your blog load faster without any loss in image clarity.

14. Blogger Parser Enhancement – Blogsy’s Blogger Parser will now convert between the standard <p> tag and the Blogger <br> tag method. This means you can edit a post in your Blogger Dashboard created with Blogsy now and Blogger will not change the formatting. This also means that if you load a post created or edited in your Blogger admin into Blogsy you can now drag images between paragraphs.

15. Blogger Media Library – Many people are unaware that Google owns both Blogger and Picasa so they choose to use Picasa as a Blogger blog’s media library. Therefore Blogsy now prompts people to set up their Picasa account right after they set up their Blogger blog.

16. Default Video Format – The default video format is now set to iFrame. (Only for new users.)

17. Flickr Private Images – Users are now able to see their Flickr images set to private when they do a Flickr search.

18. Language Support – Thanks to our great translators Blogsy is now in Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Czech and Korean.

19. Flickr Image Sizes – Flickr added two new sizes to their list of automatically generated image sizes. We have added these new sizes in Blogsy.

Bug Fixes

1. IBM Connection Publishing Issue – Blogsy would crash after the post was published.

2. IBM Connections Set Up Problem – Blogsy would add extra community blogs when setting up an IBM Connections account.

3. Page delete – Blogsy would crash if you tried to delete a page from the online page list.

4. Account editing – Blogsy would crash if you tapped on “Save” two times in a row in the WordPress account editing menu.

5.  Renamed xmlrpc.php problem – If a users had a renamed xmlrpc file but their blog was not sending back the correct xmlrpc URL then Blogsy would not set up their account.

6. Blogger Page Issue – If a user had started a Page in Blogsy then saved it as a local draft, when they opened it again it would be changed to a post instead of remembering that it was a page.

7. WordPress Space Issue – If you opened a WordPress post which had lists in it then the space between list items would increase.

8. Block Quote Formatting – If you tried to eliminate  bolding or italicizing of the block quote the bold or italic would come back.

9. Placeholder text – Was missing in the tag and category selecting views for some platforms.

10. Flickr Link URL – If a user’s Flickr ID and username were different then the image link URL would be incorrect.

11. Bookmark Managing – If you deleted the last bookmark Blogsy would crash.

12. Dock Managing – You could drag a dock item below the “Add” item in the list when managing the dock items.

13. Picasa Username – Blogsy would show the number Picasa was sending back as the username instead of the displayed username.

14. Side Switching Button – The button in the dock used to switch between the Rich Side and HTML Side would disappear sometimes.

15. Flickr API Change – Flickr changed their API so this caused Blogsy to pull in images at 240 pixels wide instead of 500 pixels.

16. YouTube and <div> Tag Setting – If you had set your paragraph mode to <div> and dragged in a YouTube video and used the old video embed code then all blog content would get erased and replaced by the term “Undefined”.

17. Google Authorization – Google changed their authorization URL which caused a constant processing message in Blogsy when setting up a Google service.

18. Picasa API Change – Picasa changed their system so the default URL now sends you to the 512 pixel size of your image. We now fetch the original image size and add the appropriate code to the URL so the image links to the full size image.

19. Other minor bug fixes.


Wow, is this the season for changing APIs?

Picasa has made a change to their API so if you use the default link then it links to a 512 pixel image. We are trying to see how we can override this and our solution will be in the next update. Here is a link to the information about Picasa changing their API – http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/#!category-topic/picasa/picasa-web-albums/wZV0xr1_9LI

In the meantime you will have to manually make a change to the link if you want to link to a larger size image. You can do this by flipping to the HTML Side in Blogsy and adding a little size information to the link URL.

Here is a typical image embed code taken from the HTML Side in Blogsy.

<div style=”clear: both; text-align: none;”><a href=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” target=”_blank” style=””><img src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s500/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” id=”blogsy-1332315923052.459″ alt=”” width=”500″ height=”375″></a></div>

The first link in this embed code is the image link. This is what will load if someone clicks on the image. And you can see that it is using the URL to the original image. But Picasa now directs this URL to the 512 pixel image.


This second link in the embed code is what is used for the display image. You want this to be as small as possible but larger than the display dimensions you choose. This way your blog will load quicker. You don’t need to make any changes to this. Blogsy changes this dynamically based on the display size you choose in the Image Menu.

Notice the “s500/” in the display URL?

What you need to do is add a similar code to the link URL. It has to be in the same location as the “s500” or it won’t work.

It should look like this. (I used s1000/ but you can use any size you want up to the size of the original image.)


So after adding the “s1000/ to your embed code it will look like this.

<div style=”clear: both; text-align: none;”><a href=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s1000/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” target=”_blank” style=””><img src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s500/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” id=”blogsy-1332315923052.459″ alt=”” width=”500″ height=”375″></a></div>

It also looks like Blogger is changing the way they handle images. It seems that the default action if you click on an image is now to open a slideshow. Possibly your blog theme will override this default actions.


I keep getting the question, “Will Blogsy support the Retina display?”, or questions very similar to that. And I can give everyone a big gigantic resounding YES! Blogsy will support the Retina display and it will be in our next update. We are in the middle of working on our next update and adding some features that we know are going to make a lot of people happy. Because we were in the middle of adding these new features we were not able to get our update out in time for the release of the New iPad. Our plan is to submit this next update to Apple in a about a week. Once we submit it to Apple I will do a blog post detailing all the things we have added.

Secondly, we have gotten a couple of reports from people that after upgrading to the New iPad and doing the restore, Blogsy is not working. The problem is that because you are changing devices the restore does not reestablish the approvals from the services (WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, Picasa,…..etc.).

There are two ways to solve this.

  1. Delete all the accounts you have set up in Blogsy and set them up again.
  2. Or, I think the easier way, just delete Blogsy from your iPad and download it from the App Store again and set up your accounts again. Just know that you should save any local drafts to the Notes app prior to doing this as all local drafts will get deleted in this process.

Because Google changed their authorization URL Blogsy shows a “Please Wait…” message when trying to set up a Google service (Blogger, Picasa, YouTube).

If you see this you can just ignore it and sign in to set up your account. It will go away after you account it set up and you tap on one of the dock items.

If you cancel setting up your account then this “Please Wait…” message will continue showing and you can’t cancel it. In this case you need to close Blogsy and open the multitask bar on your iPad and delete Blogsy from there. Then you can launch Blogsy again and that message will be gone.

We already have this fixed and it will be in our next update.



Blogsy 3.3.1 – In the App Store now.

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Improve | Update - (9 Comments)

Update 2/23/2012 9:40AM (local time)- Apple expedited the approval of Blogsy (thank you Apple) so now Blogsy 3.3.1 can be found in the App Store.  

We have submitted the update to Apple and asked them to expedite its approval. If they agree to speed up the approval then it will be in the App Store in the next few days. If they reject our request then it will be in the App Store in a week.

This is the list of bugs we have fixed in this update.

1) IBM Connections – Support multiple blogs.
Problem fixed – IBM Connections users couldn’t set up their blogs in Blogsy if their account had multiple blogs. This fix will set up all their blogs in Blogsy at once.

2) Blogger update account.
Problem fixed – If the user declined to set up their Blogger blogs again when Blogsy requested, and they only have Blogger blogs set up in Blogsy, then any post they have open will be lost if they close Blogsy.

3) TypePad Post Info.
Problem fixed – TypePad users were seeing the Posterous option when they tapped on the Post Info. menu. So they could not set a post as draft or select categories.

4) Justified and right-aligned text.
Problem fixed – If a user chose to justify or right-align their text Blogsy would strip out the HTML when publishing or flipping to the HTML side and back.

5) Dragging from device library crash
Problem fixed – If a user selected images to upload and the uploading finished then they tapped on another service in the dock and then back to the iPad photo library dock icon the panel would open showing the iPad Photo Library images but the uploading view would not show. In this situation, if the user tried to drag an image, thinking they were dragging it into a post, Blogsy would crash.

6) Blogger and WordPress selection crash
Problem fixed – If a user had both a Blogger blog and WordPress blog set up and tried to select the Blogger blog to post to Blogsy would crash.


Minor feature adjustments

1) WordPress – Now shows a specific error messages instead of a general one when accounts fails to set up.
2) Posterous – now lists all blogs on an account instead of just 30.
3) Translation – German, French and Chinese translation corrections.
4) Uploading error messages – now shows the specific error message the server is sending back to Blogsy.