Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

Instagram Videos In your Posts

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We are currently looking into the Instagram API to see if we can make it possible to drag your Instragram videos into a post. Right now you can just drag in photos or the preview photo of videos.

But I didn’t want to wait until the programmers could figure out if it was possible or not and if so get it programmed into Blogsy. So I set out to find an easy way to get my Instagram videos into blog posts. Here is the easiest way I have found to do it. If you know of an easier way please let me know in the comments. And for this example I used WordPress but it should also work the same way for blogger. For Tumblr it seems easier and for other blogging platforms it may take an email-to-post setup.

The Setup

(You just need to set these things up once and then never bother with them again.)

IFTTT.com Setup – This is a very powerful service that automates many things.

a) Set up an Instagram to WordPress recipe in ifttt.com. You can set this up on the web or in their new iOS app. IFTTT.com does now allow iFrame HTML in their recipes so you can just have it autopost the video to your blog. It takes a little editing in Blogsy.

b) When setting up the “if this” part for Instagram choose “Any new video by you”.

c) When setting up the “then that” part for WordPress choose “Create a post”

d) For the “Body” choose “Instagram URL” not “Video Source URL”.

e) After you finish go into the recipe and edit it. Set the title, categories and tags as you want. Under “Post status” choose “Save as draft”


f) IFTTT.com is now all set up and the next time you shoot a Instagram video a draft post will automatically be posted to your blog.

iPad Setup – This is a very powerful device that makes many things possible. :D

a) Set up an iOS shortcut to make things very simple. To to your iPad Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add new shortcut…

b) Paste the following code into the “shortcut” field. (You can change the width and height settings if you want. I just used the Instagram default.)

<iframe src="URLembed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

c) Use and phrase you want but it shouldn’t be something you may type as part of a word or by accident.

Now your iPad is all set up.

In Action

After you have shot your Instagram video and ifttt.com has checked the recipe and posted the draft post to your blog you do the following.

1) In Blogsy go to “O” for your online posts and open the Instagram draft post into Blogsy to edit. All you will see is the video URL.

2) Flip to the HTML Side. Place your cursor where you want and write your iOS shortcut phrase then tap space and the iframe embed code will be added.

4) Select the Instagram video URL and choose “cut”.

5) Choose the “URL” in the iframe embed code and choose “Paste”

This is what the code should look like.

Flip back to the Rich Side and you will see where the video will be. The iOS webview cannot fetch the videos so you will just see a blank square. But when you publish to your blog the video will be there.

6) Open the Post Info. menu and change the “Status” from “Draft” to “Published”.

7) Tap on the “Update” button at the top of the Post Info. menu (or do the three finger swipe up) to update that to your blog.

That’s it. You have the Instagram video in your blog post. (You could also copy that full iframe embed code and paste it into a different post if you want to add the video to some other post instead.)





Cerberus (Blogsy 4.1) brings three big new features.


1) Offline/Direct adding of photos from the iPad photo library – Yep, we finally figured out how to make it possible to add photos from the iPad Photo library to a post without having to upload the images first. This also means that you will be able to add photos to a post when you are offline. We will have a how-to video up later today showing how this new feature works.

2) Facebook integration – That’s right, now you can drag in photos from your Facebook account to your blog posts. This means you can easily blog about photos on your Facebook account and also photos you have been tagged in. Also, Blogsy now give you the ability to upload photos to your Facebook account with. This way you wont have to have the same photo on Facebook and also in your blog media library. Photos that you upload with Blogsy to your Facebook account will not be added to your timeline. If you want them to be added to your timeline then you can go to your Facebook account in a desktop browser and add them to your timeline.

If you are a current Blogsy user and want to add Facebook go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> Add A New Item -> Then tap on Facebook. This will add it to the dock in Blogsy and you can set up your Facebook account.

3) Featured Image – Yes, Blogsy already had Featured Image support. But that required you to make some changes to the PHP files on your server. Now, if you are running WordPress 3.4 or later then Blogsy will detect that and you won’t have to make those PHP file changes. This also means that WordPress.com users will now be able to set the Featured Image with Blogsy.

[Bugs Fixed]

1) If users tried to post with custom fields that included location data the user manually put in, Blogsy would crash.

2) Metaweblog conflict – If a user had a TypePad, Joomla or SquareSpace blog set up then would try to set up a metaweblog blog Blogsy would crash.

3) In certain circumstances Blogsy would crash when uploading images to a Drupal media library.

4) Metaweblog blogs – incorrect date type problem when trying to post or update.

5) Joomla blogs – some servers required a specific URL to the xmlrpc file.

5) XMLRPC blogs – Blogsy won’t clear a post if an error occurs while posting or updating a post.

6) NAVER blogs – Blogsy would always publish the post as private.

7) Browser button – Infrequently, Blogsy would crash when tappong the browser button in the dock.



Something to blog about later?

March 9th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | How-To - (5 Comments)

Like most of my posts this one is due to a user emailing me and asking how they could do something.

Dan asked if there was some way to send something that he’d found on the internet to Blogsy so he could write about it later. He knew about the Blogsy bookmarklet and had it set up and was using it. If you don’t already know, if you have the bookmarklet set up and you find something you want to blog about then all you have to do is tap on the bookmarklet and it will launch Blogsy and open that page in Blogsy’s built-in browser. If you are not ready to blog about it at that time you could tap the plus button at the bottom of the browser in Blogsy to bookmark it. But Dan wanted to know how he could get something to Blogsy if he found something while surfing the net on his computer or phone.

This got me to thinking and prompted me to look for a solution. What I came up with is Readability. (I assume Instapaper and Read it Later will work the same but I came across Readability first. If you know whether Instapaper, Read it Later or another such service works or not please leave your knowledge in the comments below.) Readability works across all kinds of devices and browsers. And Readability has easy instructions on how to set up bookmarklets on all the different platforms and browsers. Once it is set up and you come across an article you want to blog about later all you have to do is tap on the bookmarklet and it will be saved to your account. Now in Blogsy’s built-in browser you can sign into your Readability account and you will have the list of articles you have saved. (You could set up a bookmark in Blogsy so it is easy to go to your account each time.) There are a couple of things to be aware of. First, if you pinch on the article in Blogsy’s built-in browser it will adjust to the width of the browser. Second, if you do it this way instead of the Blogsy Bookmarklet way then you should not use this URL to create a link as it does not link to the original article.

Hopefully this makes it easier for you to blog. Now that I have figured this out I think I will get some use out of it myself.

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The Cyclops’s horn has been mended. Okay, that may be a little too cryptic. To be more clear – we just released Blogsy 2.3.1 which was put out to address a couple of bugs. And at the same time we threw in a few features. With the release of this we turn our attention to Sasquatch. Sasquatch is all about getting Blogsy to work properly with iOS 5.

What’s in Blogsy 2.3.1 (The Cyclops mended)


I just wanted to let everyone know that you should save any post you are currently working on before you update!
The easiest way is to just tap on the plus button (+) so what you are currently working on is listed in the ‘local’ drafts section.
It is not necessary but if you want to be super careful you can save all the local drafts as online drafts. This will clear them from Blogsy and after upgrading you will need to go to the ‘published’ listing and open them in Blogsy once again to continue editing them. As a reminder they won’t save locally again unless you make a change to the post/draft.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.