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SoundCloud, IFTTT and Blogsy

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A couple of people recently asked about SoundCloud integration in Blogsy. I did a blog post about this in the past explaining how to embed a SoundCloud audio clip into your post in Blogsy.

But there is also another way to get a SoundCloud audio clip into your post and for some it may be a better method. You set up an IFTTT.com recipe which automatically posts a draft post to your blog when you do a specific action on SoundCloud, then you can edit that post in Blogsy.

IFTTT.com setup –

Set up a Soundcloud to WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr recipe. Or for other platforms you may be able to set up a Soundcloud to email recipe if your blog supports email-to-post. For my example I will be using WordPress.

You have many options when setting up the SoundCloud portion. And you can set up multiple recipes to cover different situations. For example one recipe may be to create a draft post every time you favorite a song or audio track. And another recipe could be to create a draft post every time you upload any new public track.

Screenshot of setting up the “If This” (Trigger) part of the recipe in the IFTTT.com iOS app.

Screenshot of setting up the “Then That” (Action) part of the recipe.

Once you have the recipe set up then edit it.

You can make many changes here. But for the SoundCloud clip to be embedded in your post you need to have “EmbedCode” in the “Body” portion.

Also for the “Post Status” you can set it to publish a blog post right away or have it “Save as draft” to your blog. For this example I used “Save as draft” because we will be editing the post in Blogsy.

In Action

After you have done the action on SoundCloud which triggers the IFTTT recipe you will be able to find the draft post on your blog. (IFTTT runs every 15 minutes so it could take up to 15 minutes for the draft post to show up on your blog. But in the IFTTT app you can force a check if you want it to check it right away.)

Now in Blogsy tap on the “O” for your online blog posts and find your draft post and open it in Blogsy. In Blogsy you will just see a grey line along the left edge where the SoundCloud embed player will appear in your blog post.

Edit the post as you want – write something, add photos, add videos, etc. Then in the Post Info. menu (gear & pencil) change the post from “Draft” to “Publish” and tap on the “Update” button at the top of the Post Info. menu. Now you will see the SoundCloud audio clip in your blog post on your blog.



Instagram Videos In your Posts

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We are currently looking into the Instagram API to see if we can make it possible to drag your Instragram videos into a post. Right now you can just drag in photos or the preview photo of videos.

But I didn’t want to wait until the programmers could figure out if it was possible or not and if so get it programmed into Blogsy. So I set out to find an easy way to get my Instagram videos into blog posts. Here is the easiest way I have found to do it. If you know of an easier way please let me know in the comments. And for this example I used WordPress but it should also work the same way for blogger. For Tumblr it seems easier and for other blogging platforms it may take an email-to-post setup.

The Setup

(You just need to set these things up once and then never bother with them again.)

IFTTT.com Setup – This is a very powerful service that automates many things.

a) Set up an Instagram to WordPress recipe in ifttt.com. You can set this up on the web or in their new iOS app. IFTTT.com does now allow iFrame HTML in their recipes so you can just have it autopost the video to your blog. It takes a little editing in Blogsy.

b) When setting up the “if this” part for Instagram choose “Any new video by you”.

c) When setting up the “then that” part for WordPress choose “Create a post”

d) For the “Body” choose “Instagram URL” not “Video Source URL”.

e) After you finish go into the recipe and edit it. Set the title, categories and tags as you want. Under “Post status” choose “Save as draft”


f) IFTTT.com is now all set up and the next time you shoot a Instagram video a draft post will automatically be posted to your blog.

iPad Setup – This is a very powerful device that makes many things possible. :D

a) Set up an iOS shortcut to make things very simple. To to your iPad Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add new shortcut…

b) Paste the following code into the “shortcut” field. (You can change the width and height settings if you want. I just used the Instagram default.)

<iframe src="URLembed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

c) Use and phrase you want but it shouldn’t be something you may type as part of a word or by accident.

Now your iPad is all set up.

In Action

After you have shot your Instagram video and ifttt.com has checked the recipe and posted the draft post to your blog you do the following.

1) In Blogsy go to “O” for your online posts and open the Instagram draft post into Blogsy to edit. All you will see is the video URL.

2) Flip to the HTML Side. Place your cursor where you want and write your iOS shortcut phrase then tap space and the iframe embed code will be added.

4) Select the Instagram video URL and choose “cut”.

5) Choose the “URL” in the iframe embed code and choose “Paste”

This is what the code should look like.

Flip back to the Rich Side and you will see where the video will be. The iOS webview cannot fetch the videos so you will just see a blank square. But when you publish to your blog the video will be there.

6) Open the Post Info. menu and change the “Status” from “Draft” to “Published”.

7) Tap on the “Update” button at the top of the Post Info. menu (or do the three finger swipe up) to update that to your blog.

That’s it. You have the Instagram video in your blog post. (You could also copy that full iframe embed code and paste it into a different post if you want to add the video to some other post instead.)




This article is a guest post by Yannik Achternbosch, the editor of AppTestsss.de, a German blog about Apple, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

I saw on our twitter feed that Yannik had written up a very good post about how to use the URL schemes in Blogsy to make blogging even easier. And we love it when we see users write about how they do cool things with Blogsy so I wanted to share it with everyone on this blog. The only problem was that the article was in German. I tweeted to Yannik that I thought the post was very good and wished that it were in English so I could share it on our blog. A few days later I got the following post. Amazingly cool! Thanks Yannik!

Before I got my MacBook a couple of months ago nearly all of my articles for AppTestsss.de were written in Blogsy on the iPad. The app is nice and works well with my WordPress installation but with my MacBook I switched to MarsEdit and wrote only a few posts on my iPad. With version 4.2 Blogsy got many new features like a HTML keyboard and Markdown support but there is one new feature I’d like to highlight: URL schemes. With these schemes it’s possible to create a new article, to add content to the body and to open the website in the built-in browser.

Actions in Drafts

Creating a new article

The Blogsy URL syntax to create a new article with a defined body is the following: blogsy://post?entry=content_you_want. It would obviously be possible to use this scheme to create a new article in Safari by pasting in the content you would like to use into the url, but that is not how it is supposed to be used. So how should we use the scheme instead?

I assume you all have heard of the iOS app Drafts. The app supports some really cool actions that can be performed using URLs. To create such an action go to Settings > URL Actions > + but you don’t even have to create the Blogsy action on your own, you can simply click this link on an iPad with Blogsy and Drafts installed. The action will automatically be added to Drafts and can be used from the sharing menu.

Great, but what does this action do?

The action takes the text from Drafts, without the first line which I always use as a heading, and creates a new article in Blogsy with your text from Drafts as the content; and the best thing about that: You don’t have to write HTML in Drafts, you can use Markdown and Blogsy will parse it to HTML for you if you click the Markdown button after opening Blogsy.

That’s it. That’s the easiest way to create a blogpost in Blogsy from a text you wrote in Drafts. At the moment it is not possible to set the title or anything else using the URL schemes, you have to do that manually but I really hope this feature will be added in a future version.

Opening your current Safari webpage in Blogsy

Open in Blogsy

The second thing the Blogsy URL is able to handle are websites you want to open in the built-in browser. The URL syntax to do so is blogsy:URL. To open your current page in Blogsy you could simply type blogsy: in front of your URL in Safari but why should you do it the difficult way if you could do it much easier? Right, you shouldn’t. But what is the easier way? You just create a bookmark in Safari (the best place might be in your bookmark bar) with the following url: javascript:location.href='blogsy:'+location.href;. By clicking this bookmark blogsy: will be added in front of your current url which will open the page in the Blogsy browser.

To come to a conclusion: URL schemes in Blogsy are really great and have a huge potential together with other iOS apps but there’s also one thing I’m missing: The ability to add a title to an article using the scheme. I hope that this feature will be added in one of the next releases with even more improvements and maybe even some other things like the ability to choose the blog with a keyword in the URL (something like blogsy://post?blog=yourblog&content=something would be possible).



Vote for us?

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Last week I got an email from the people at Tap! The iPhone and iPad Magazine informing us that Blogsy was selected as one of the hundred best apps for iOS. This is a huge honor and we really appreciate it. But the purpose of this blog post is not to brag about Blogsy being selected.

The reason for this blog post is that they emailed me again this week saying that they are having a contest where people vote for one of these 100 best apps as “The Best App Ever.” No, we don't think that Blogsy is the best app ever. I'm not even sure what I think is the best app ever. But these kinds of contests help us get some exposure for Blogsy which can lead to increased sales which leads to us being able to continue to improve Blogsy.

So, if you have a few seconds it would be really cool if you could vote for us. If you click on the image below you will be taken to the voting page or you can click on this link.

Thank you very much.



Thank you to everyone that got involved in helping us come up with the codename for Blogsy 4.1. We were blown away by how many great names people suggested. It made it really tough to choose one. But as a bonus we now have a great list for future versions.

We decided to go with Cerberus because there are 3 of us developing Blogsy and the three heads fit with that.

Cerberus will bring a feature that users have been begging for since we first released Blogsy. We finally figured out a way to do it within the confines of the iOS SDK. And the second feature Cerberus will bring is something we think users will get a lot of use out of but I am sure many haven't even thought about having it integrated. I will give more details the closer Apple gets to approving Cerberus.



We are working on our next update which will bring a couple of features we think users will be very happy about. Don’t ask what they are. :D

But this blog post is to ask for input on the codename of our next version. Each version of Blogsy is codenamed with a mythical character. What do you think would be a good codename for our next version?

Here are the past versions.












Want a tweet in your blog post?

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I wrote a post a while ago about how to easily add a tweet to a blog post if you are a WordPress user. This easy insertion is possible because WordPress parses the URL and if it is a twitter URL it automatically creates the embedding. But I got a question on Facebook asking if it were possible to add a tweet to a post if you are a Blogger user.

The short answer is, YES. Matter of fact, you can do it for any of the blogging platforms. But unfortunately it is not as easy to do as it is with WordPress. The reason it is not as easy is that Twitter does not provide a way to grab the embed code if you are on a mobile device.

But it is possible and these are the steps to do it.

1) Open Blogsy's built-in browser and sign into your twitter account.

2) Once you are signed into your twitter account enter the following URL in the address bar and hit enter. http://mobile.twitter.com/settings/change_ui This will take you to the desktop view of your twitter account. I suggest you set this URL up as a bookmark in the Settings menu in Blogsy to make it easier in the future.

3) Find the tweet you want to add to your blog post then tap on it.

4) At the bottom of that tweet tap on “Details”

5) Now tap on “Embed this Tweet”

6) Now select all of the HTML embed code and copy it.

7) Flip to the HTML Side in Blogsy and paste that code where you want the tweet to appear in your post.

When you flip back to the Rich Side in Blogsy it will look like what you see in this image.

8) When you publish your post it will look like this.


Do you like to add tweets to your blog posts? WordPress added the ability to simply paste the tweet link into your post and it will embed the tweet. Blogsy will do the same thing. Check out the steps below to see how to do it.

Official Twitter app method.

1) Open the Twitter app and tap on the tweet you want to use in your blog post.

2) Tap on the arrow out of the box in the top right corner.

3) Tap on “Copy link to Tweet”.

4) Go back to Blogsy and flip to the HTML Side. (We are not sure how the Twitter app is saving the URL but if you try to paste it on the Rich Side in Blogsy it will not paste. This is native iOS functionality so there is some issue with the web view and the way the Twitter app is saving the URL.)

5) Put the cursor on any new line and double tap to get the bubble to appear then tap paste.

6) In your post in Blogsy you will just see the twitter URL but when you post it to your blog it will get converted.

Tweetbot method.

1) Open the Tweetbot app and tap on the tweet you want to use in your blog post.

2) Tap on the “Share” button then tap on “Copy Link to Tweet”.

4) Go back to Blogsy and select a new line where you want the tweet to appear in your post. It has to be on a new line by itself. You can paste on either the Rich Side or HTML Side.

5) Now publish it and see the tweet in your post.



The man, the artist, the Brad.

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Blogsy has some of the coolest users. And it has been so cool getting to know many of them.

Brad is one such Blogsy user. He first emailed me asking if Blogsy would support Squarespace. I told him that we were looking into adding it (expect it soon) and that was the beginning of our emails.

Brad started showing me some of the graphics he draws and they blew me away. I wish I had even a smidgen of the talent he has. I mentioned how cool I thought his stuff was and how amazing it was that he did it all on the iPad. And to my surprise he drew up some stuff about Blogsy.

Brad drew this for our current version of Blogsy – Dragon.

This is a schematics drawing of Blogsy he just got started with. I don’t know if he’s ever going to be able to finish it because it’s not easy to lay out all the features Blogsy has. But the start of it is amazingly cool so I wanted to put it here too.

And If you haven’t noticed already, the keys on the typewriter in our icon say, “Live Long and Prosper”. Yep, we are that geeky. Brad took this and made this cool Spock graphic.
This one doesn’t have anything to do with Blogsy but I thought it was so cool I decided to add it too.

Make sure you check out his other stuff on his site www.saysbrad.com and like his page on Facebook (Says-Brad).

Thanks for drawing these Brad! I can’t wait to see what amazing graphics you will come up with next.


Are you a SoundCloud user? Do you like to blog about SoundCloud tracks and add them to your blog posts? You can do this within Blogsy. I have to thank Carlo (a Blogsy and SoundCloud user) for sharing these steps with us.

1) Open Blogsy’s built-in browser and go to SoundCloud. If you do this often you may want to set up a bookmark in Blogsy’s built-in browser for SoundCloud.

2) Find the track you want to add to your blog post. Tap on the “Share” button in the top left corner of that track.

3) In the Share menu tap on “Edit your widget”.

4) In the “Edit your widget” menu long-press on the iFrame embed code so you get the popup menu. Tap on “Select All” then tap on “Copy”

5) Now flip to the HTML side in your post and put your cursor where you want the player to be in your post. Then paste that code you have copied.

6) Flip back to the Rich Side and you will see a thin grey line where the player will be in your post.

7) Publish your post and your embeded player for that track is in your post.