Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

This update was to address a change Flickr made in their API which would cause Blogsy to crash when you tapped on the Flickr icon in the dock. And you could not set up new Flickr accounts. Now Blogsy works with the new Flickr API so this will no longer happen.



If you have previously set up a Flickr account in Blogsy and you tap on the Flickr icon in the dock then you will get kicked out of Blogsy.

Or if you try to set up a new Flickr account in Blogsy you will see the following error message.

“Oops, Flickr doesn’t recognize the “frob” this application is trying to use.”

The reason for these problems is that Flickr has changed their API. This means we have to change the programming in Blogsy to work with the changed API then submit Blogsy to Apple for their approval.

I will update this post with our progress along the way.
We have fixed this and submitted the update to Apple. Apple usually takes no more than a week to approve updates. This update (Blogsy 4.3.5) will be in the App Store as soon as Apple approves it. 
Apple has approved the update so Blogsy 4.3.5 can now be found in the App Store.

This is our latest update to fix a bug and to update a few things.

But before I get into the details of what is in this update I need to ask for feedback. According to the reviews in the App Store some people had some problems after our last update. We do a thorough testing before we submit an update and we would never submit an update if we were having any problems in our testing. So we really need people that have a problem to email us (info@fomola.com) and let us know the problem. We need the details so we can try to reproduce it and figure it out. Unfortunately Apple does not provide us with any way to contact the people leaving the review in the App Store so we can't contact them for details. And we are not having any problems here so there is nothing for us to look into or test.

I would also like to ask people to take a few minutes to leave a review. These reviews are the most important factor in determining sales for an app. If mainly the people that are leaving reviews are the ones having a problem then the sales plummet and we have trouble paying our bills. Sorry for being so direct about this but we have reached a critical stage.

Now, on to a happier subject. The following is what can be found in this update.

1) Flickr orientation update: As I talked about in a previous post, Flickr changed their API and this caused images that are in portrait orientation to be sized based on landscape orientation in Blogsy. We have figured out a way to program around this Flickr API change so this update fixes that.

2) TextExpander update: Apple forced TextExpander to make changes to their programming. The results of that are that all apps using TextExpander have to be updated. This only effects iOS7 users. In Blogsy you will now find a “Refresh TextExpander Snippets” button in the Settings menu. Settings -> General Settings -> Refresh TextExpander Snippets.

3) Squarespace 5 bug: Blogsy would crash the first time you tried to update a post to your blog. This is fixed.

4) Translation update: Two French words were incorrectly translated.



There is a bug in the Flickr API which is causing a problem in Blogsy. I will go through an explanation of the problem and a workaround until Flickr resolves this or we are able to come up with a way to program around it.


When you drag in an image to your post from Flickr Blogsy sends a request of details about that photo to Flickr through the API. Along with other information, we get the dimensions of that image. From the dimensions or the original sized image Flickr provides we size the image for placement in your blog post. By default Blogsy resizes it to 500 pixels for the longest side. (There's an option in the Settings menu to change the number of pixels to resize it to.)

But Flickr changed something in their API so the original sized image dimensions are not correct. This problem only happens with photos that are in portrait orientation.

In this screenshot you can see that I dragged in photo in the portrait orientation but it is being resized as a photos in landscape orientation. So the picture is stretch out and obviously not displaying correctly.



In this screenshot you can see our test results when we do the Flickr API test. Notice the dimensions of the “Original” sized image. The dimensions are reversed and this is why the image is showing up incorrectly in Blogsy. We have pointed to these incorrect dimension numbers with the red arrows in the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.38.20 PM


We have requested support from Flickr for this. If you would like to see our support request and follow our communication with them you can see it here – http://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/72157638375356504/

Hopefully Flickr will get this fixed quickly. If not then we will attempt to figure out a way to program around this bug.


The following is a temporary workaround until Flickr fixes the bug or we are able to figure out a way to program around the bug and that update comes out in the App Store.

1) First drag in your image or images.


2) Flip to the HTML Side in Blogsy and locate the image embed code. In the image embed code select the width and height information and delete it. (be careful to only delete the width and height information and not any other part of the embed code.)

After you delete it, it will look like this.

3) Flip back to the Rich Side and your photo will be correctly displayed.



What can be found in this update:

  1. Updated to use the latest TextExpander Framework so once again users can use TextExpander on the HTML Side in Blogsy.
  2. Added back in the option to “Remove Style” when pasting something into Blogsy.
  3. Fixed the More tag compatibility issue with iOS7
  4. Fixed the preview draft problem for self-hosted WordPress users which appeared after the latest update of WordPress.
  5. Added support for the Open ID log in using Facebook or Google ID when setting up a Flickr account in Blogsy.
  6. Added a message explaining that some of the formatting options don’t work when there is an iFrame element in the post (usually a YouTube video). And explained that if they remove that iFrame element they will be able to use those formatting options then they can add their iFrame element back to their post.

If past experience holds true then Apple will approve Medusa (Blogsy 4.0) within the next 24 hours. And as soon as they approve it we will release it in all the App Stores.

So this will be the last blog post detailing new features brought to Blogsy in Medusa.

Search Dock Feature – In previous versions of Blogsy we had the dock item for Google Image searches. But if you wanted to search YouTube, Flickr, Picasa or Vimeo you had to have an account set up to do that. Users said they wanted to be able to search these services even though they don't have an account on them. So we created a new Search dock item.

Just write what you want to search for in the the field then tap on the service you want to search. And just like all the other dock panels, you can drag any of these items over to add to your blog post.

Bug fixes – We are very happy about a couple of the bug fixes in Medusa. If you are not aware, if Blogsy crashes a crash report is automatically sent to a service called Crittercism. This helps us track crashing problems. We have been having trouble with two different crashes – according to Critercism they happen less than 1% of the time Blogsy is launched but they are our two most common crashes. These crashes have been going on for several versions of Blogsy now but we were unable to figure them out. We could not reproduce the crashing and the crash reports weren't showing where in the code the crash was happening. Well, quite by accident, we came across the crashes and once we were able to reproduce them we could fix them. So we are really happy that those two bug fixes are part of this update.

  • Link drag in on images/videos crashing fixed.
  • Double tap and hold crashing fixed.
  • Flickr – Fixed new photo set creation in account is set to private.
  • IBM Connections – Fixed showing error report message after every correct posting.
  • Apostrophe in link bug fixed.
  • Rich side cut, paste crashing fixed.




Just a small update to fix a few rare case problems. Plus one feature we are very excited about.


  1. Resolved Flickr uploading “failed” message when a users has a large number of photo sets. For those having this problem you will need to use a different app to upload your images until this update is in the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Resolved the Blogger post fetching formatting loss problem. If a post was created with another app or on the Blogger site then loaded into Blogsy and saved locally, then the user tried to fetch the same post again from the site the post in Blogsy would lose formatting. Until this update is out you will need to first delete the local draft before fetching the online post again.
  3. Resolved WordPress media library crash when there are unidentifiable files in the library. We found that one user had migrated their site from Blogger to WordPress and in this process unidentifiable files were created in the WordPress media library. If you delete the unidentifiable files from your WordPress media library this problem will be solved for you and you don’t need to wait for this update to come out.


  1. If a blog sends back an error code Blogsy will display an error message. Now there will be an option in the error message to send us an email with the error code the blog is sending back. This will help us help users identify the problem with their blog quicker.

I came across a great article on Technorati about the blogosphere. The title is State of the Blogosphere 2011 and it is filled with a wealth of information. If you are a blogger in any shape or form it is definitely worth the read. It was for 2011 but it was done toward the end of 2011 so I think the information is still fresh and relevant.

One thing that they said in the article is that bloggers updated their blogs more frequently and spent more time blogging in 2011. That is great news because I remember reading not so long ago that with the advent of social sites like Facebook and Twitter blogging was dying. As mentioned in this article those have impacted the content of blogs but they have not killed or maimed blogging. I like to hear that because I think blogging plays a very important role on the web in sharing lengthy and detailed information.

Being the graph and data junkie that I am this article is probably the best I have read on the state of the blogosphere. There are just too many great graphs and charts to go into all of them so these are the ones that got me thinking. They made me wonder how Blogsy fits into the blogosphere.

From this graph it looks like Blogsy has most bloggers covered. The only ones on the list that Blogsy does not support is LiveJournal and SquareSpace.


I was hoping that they had a chart which asked if tablets or smartphones have impacted the frequency of publishing posts. But I guess they are more focused on whether or not they have changed the content of blog posts.


It’s great to see that people are using more images and videos due to the advent of tablets and smartphones. In our humble opinion, Blogsy makes it incredibly easy to use photos and videos in a blog post. And as several of our users have said on Twitter, it’s even easier to create a blog post with pictures and videos using Blogsy than on the blog’s admin panel using a PC/Mac.


We are looking forward to seeing Technorati’s blog post about the blogosphere next year.



This is just a small bug fix update to address a few bugs users have reported. We also added a few minor feature in this update.


  1. Resolved crashing when trying to access the WordPress media library if an image in the library does not have the title set correctly. We are not sure why an image does not have an image title set correctly but we have found one other app that uploads images without setting the title correctly.
  2. Resolved crashing when trying to access the WordPress media library if an image does not have the meta data. Blogsy needs the meta data to fetch the dimensions of the image.
  3. Resolved the “failed” problem of first image when trying to upload multiple images to Flickr.
  4. Resolved adding extra <p> tags if user swipes back and forth between the HTML and Rich Sides then publishes then opens the post again in Blogsy to edit then publishes it again. 
  5. Resolved the Google Image search failure if a foreign language user had changed the Safe search settings. (only foreign language problem)
  6. Corrected the attachment area not disappearing issue on Tumblr Photo type posts when using the dock button to switch to the HTML Side. This does not happen if you use the three finger swipe method to get to the HTML Side.
  7. Corrected the circle to the left of the date to show that a post has already been published when a user chooses the “Post & Keep Local Draft” option.
  8. Corrected the attachment area thumbnail image size issue (Retina display only)


  1.  Added edit button to blog listing menu for users that don’t know the standard swipe to delete UI.
  2. Added “Delete All” option to blog listing so it’s easy to delete all blogs set up for that platform.
  3. Blogsy will now remember the page you were on if you do a Google search in the built-in browser then leave the browser and return.

A Walk of a Lifetime!

May 5th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Out in the Wild - (0 Comments)

One cool thing about us developing Blogsy is that we get to communicate with all these amazing bloggers. When we set out to develop Blogsy that never even crossed our minds. It’s kind of like our own little special Stumble Upon but even better because we get to communicate with the people behind the blogs. I’d be pretty selfish of us to keep these cool blogs a secret so I thought I’d share some of them. Yes, I have asked the bloggers if I could write about their blogs. And we’d love to hear about your blog too so leave a comment or send us an email and tell us all about your blog.

Nancy reached out to me with some questions about how Blogsy works. In our emails back and forth she said she was preparing for a 1000 mile walk. Yep, you read that right, her blog covers the Camino de Santiago walk from Le Puy, France to Muxia, Spain she and her husband are enjoying. They are now around 12 days into their walk and their blog covers all the cool things they see, people they meet and events that happen along the way. I think this is amazing and I have added it to my bucket list.