Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

YouTube changed their API and it has caused the YouTube integration in Blogsy to stop working.

We are working on an update to work with the changes in the YouTube API. Once we have that update we will submit it to Apple and they take about a week to approve.


Are you getting the following error message when you drag in a photo from the “My Photo Stream” album?

In the latest iOS update Apple changed the way photos are handled again. Now, if the photo is not on the device and is just in Photostream then Blogsy is unable to pull the photo from the cloud and fetch the data to embed it. This is why this “PROBLEM” message is appearing.

The only way to resolve this is to replace the photo API with the new PhotoKit framework. But this is not a simple change. This will take a lot of work and the sales of Blogsy are not enough to cover the investment to do that. So this will be part of a new version of Blogsy and not just part of another free update.

The following is a workaround until that new version comes out.

1) When you drag in the photo and get the “PROBLEM” message you need to tap on the “Dismiss” button.

2) This will cause the Image Settings menu to open.

3) Tap somewhere outside the Image Settings menu and not on the image. This will close the Image Settings menu and the image will disappear because it cannot be fetched. But you will see a white box where the image should be.

4) Now double-tap somewhere inside this box where the image should be. This will cause the Image Settings menu to open for that missing photo. Scroll to the bottom of the Image Settings menu and tap on the “Delete” button. This will remove the embed code for that missing image from the HTML.

5) Close Blogsy and go to the Photos app on your iPad. Go to your “My Photo Stream” album and tap on the image you want to use in your blog post.

6) Tap on the little box with an arrow coming out of it in the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose all the photos that are in your photostream that you want to use in your blog post. Then tap on the option to “Save Image”. This will cause the photo(s) which is/are in your PhotoStream to be saved to your device in the “Camera Roll” album.

7) Now go back to Blogsy and drag in the photo from the “Camera Roll” album instead of from the “My Photo Stream” album.



1) We have had 8 people report that Blogsy is freezing when they try to publish a post.

2) From our analytics program we see that users are having a crashing problem about 3% of the time.

This is our current status in attempting to figure out these issues.


This is related to Blogsy trying to find photo added to the post from the PhotoStream. iOS provides an address to where this photo can be found but when Blogsy goes to find that photo in order to upload the photo it cannot be found at that address. This seems like a side effect of the fix in the previous update which allowed Blogsy to use PhotoStream photos in iOS8 with the old API. It order to bring back that ability we implemented it with a workaround. We are not sure yet if we can fix this without using the new PhotoKit API. We would only be able to use the new PhotoKit API that Apple added in iOS8 if we went through and reprogrammed many things.


This mean that the following workaround should be used if you are running into this freezing problem.

1) Go to the photos app on your iPad and move any photos that are in Photostream that you want to use in your blog post to your iPad photo library.

2) Go back to Blogsy and remove all the photos from your post.

3) Add the photos to your post again from the iPad photo library (not from the Photostream).

4) Publish your post.


We have spent several days trying to figure out the crashing.

First, the crashing problem, which is caused by storing & restoring local data is a very complicated problem. We’ve tried to fix it but thus far the changes haven’t worked. Blogsy uses a certain datastore which is called “NSUserDefault” to save & restore from local memory. But it seems that there is a bug in this iOS8 function. We found some other developers having the same problem. Here some links to their reports of this problem.

All the strike-through problems are related to this “NSUserDefault”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 9.41.44 PM

“NSUserDefault” is integrated deeply into Blogsy’s programming so it can’t be quickly or easily changed without having many possible negative results in different areas. It is going to take some time to figure this out and make changes and test in order to assure the changes are solidly implemented.


1) Apple has shut down the store for developers through the 29th if December. So even if we were able to get this figured out we would not be able to submit it until after this date.

2) Apple takes about a week to approve updates. So once we submit the update it will take roughly a week to come out.

3) The sales of Blogsy are too low to pay our bills so everyone has had to go out and find other jobs. This means that this work has to be done in free time from our regular jobs. If Apple continues to make changes causing these issues and forcing us to continue to spend a lot of time updating then we may be forced to pull Blogsy from the App Store.

Happy Blogging,

The Blogsy Guys

The following is what can be found in this update.
And I would like to send a special thanks out to those that helped us test this. We could not reproduce the instant crashing problem here so there was no way for us to make changes to the code and see if it solved the problem. Fortunately there were some users willing to help us test this. After updating to our test version they reported that they were no longer having the instant crash problem. So we hope that this update is the solution but we can’t be 100% sure. If you have any crashing problem after updating to this version please email us right away to report it. info@fomola.com

[Bug Fixes]

1) Instant Crash: For some users Blogsy would instantly crash as soon as they tried to launch Blogsy. This crashing didn’t happen to everyone and didn’t happen all the time. Thanks for the volunteer testers we think this is fixed.


2) iCloud Photostream: iOS8 changed the way photos are handled on the iPad in iOS8 then changed it again in iOS 8.0.1 then changed it again in iOS 8.1. The change made it impossible for Blogsy to fetch the data required to embed a photo into a post from the PhotoStream. We programmed around this so now you can add photos from the Photostream album again.


3) “O” Online Posts UI Bug : The Online Posts menu would be broken if the iOS8 predictive keyboard was turned on. This is fixed.


4) Stuck on HTML Side : If you were running the latest version of Blogsy (Blogsy 4.1.10) on iOS7 then you would get stuck on the HTML Side if you flipped to the HTML Side. This is fixed.


This update was to address a change Flickr made in their API which would cause Blogsy to crash when you tapped on the Flickr icon in the dock. And you could not set up new Flickr accounts. Now Blogsy works with the new Flickr API so this will no longer happen.



If you have previously set up a Flickr account in Blogsy and you tap on the Flickr icon in the dock then you will get kicked out of Blogsy.

Or if you try to set up a new Flickr account in Blogsy you will see the following error message.

“Oops, Flickr doesn’t recognize the “frob” this application is trying to use.”

The reason for these problems is that Flickr has changed their API. This means we have to change the programming in Blogsy to work with the changed API then submit Blogsy to Apple for their approval.

I will update this post with our progress along the way.
We have fixed this and submitted the update to Apple. Apple usually takes no more than a week to approve updates. This update (Blogsy 4.3.5) will be in the App Store as soon as Apple approves it. 
Apple has approved the update so Blogsy 4.3.5 can now be found in the App Store.

Recently Tumblr changed their OAuth callback from “http://xxx” to “https:/xxx”. This means that if you tried to set up a Tumblr blog then Tumblr would send back an error. This update fixes that so you will be able to set up a Tumblr blog again.

Also, in a unique set of steps Blogsy was not stripping out some junk HTML that iOS adds when typing in the webview. We fixed that so now that junk HTML gets stripped out in that situation.

We added one other bug fix to this update. If you try to add a link by going into the iOS popup bubble (instead of the drag-in method) and manually entering the URL in the Link Settings menu this could cause Blogsy to crash if you follow a certain set of steps. We have fixed this in this update.

Apple takes about a week to approve updates so this update will be in the App Store in about a week.



Tumblr has changed their OAuth callback URL from “http://xxx” to “https://xxx”. This means Tumblr sends back an error when trying to set up a blog. You can see what happens in the following screenshots when trying to set up a Tumblr blog.



This only effects people trying to set up their blog. If you have already set up your Tumblr blog in Blogsy then you will not have a problem.

We have fixed this so now Blogsy will work with either OAuth callback url (http, https).

We are adding one other fix to this update and then we will submit it to Apple. Apple takes about a week to approve updates and once they do then the update with these fixes will be in the App Store. I will do another blog post as soon as we submit this update to Apple and will update that blog post when Apple approves it.

 This issue has been fixed in Blogsy 4.3.3


Blogsy 4.2.9 is now in the App Store

February 5th, 2014 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Bugs | Improve | iPad | Update - (2 Comments)

The following items are in this update.

1) TextExpander – TextExpander now works with the new methods TextExpander requires. To update your snippets there is a button in Settings -> General Settings -> “Refresh TexExpander Snippets”.

2) TextExpander – TextExpander now works on the Rich Side in Blogsy.

3) Copy & Paste – Very rarely iOS adds some hidden code in the copy & paste content. Typically the ascii codes are from 0 to 127. But the ascii code for this hidden code is 8232. Blogs do not understand this ASCII code when publishing through the API so the blog will send back an error code. Blogsy now strips out this ASCII code if it is found when pasting something in from another app or website.

4) Local draft images after update – When you update an app the address to the database gets changed. This means that after an update Blogsy can no longer find the display image to display it in the local draft. The post is actually fine and if you were to publish it the photos would appear in your post correctly. It's just that Blogsy is not able to display the images if the local draft created before the update had images from the iPad photo library in it. This update fixes this issue, so any updates after this one will no longer have this problem.



This is our latest update to fix a bug and to update a few things.

But before I get into the details of what is in this update I need to ask for feedback. According to the reviews in the App Store some people had some problems after our last update. We do a thorough testing before we submit an update and we would never submit an update if we were having any problems in our testing. So we really need people that have a problem to email us (info@fomola.com) and let us know the problem. We need the details so we can try to reproduce it and figure it out. Unfortunately Apple does not provide us with any way to contact the people leaving the review in the App Store so we can't contact them for details. And we are not having any problems here so there is nothing for us to look into or test.

I would also like to ask people to take a few minutes to leave a review. These reviews are the most important factor in determining sales for an app. If mainly the people that are leaving reviews are the ones having a problem then the sales plummet and we have trouble paying our bills. Sorry for being so direct about this but we have reached a critical stage.

Now, on to a happier subject. The following is what can be found in this update.

1) Flickr orientation update: As I talked about in a previous post, Flickr changed their API and this caused images that are in portrait orientation to be sized based on landscape orientation in Blogsy. We have figured out a way to program around this Flickr API change so this update fixes that.

2) TextExpander update: Apple forced TextExpander to make changes to their programming. The results of that are that all apps using TextExpander have to be updated. This only effects iOS7 users. In Blogsy you will now find a “Refresh TextExpander Snippets” button in the Settings menu. Settings -> General Settings -> Refresh TextExpander Snippets.

3) Squarespace 5 bug: Blogsy would crash the first time you tried to update a post to your blog. This is fixed.

4) Translation update: Two French words were incorrectly translated.