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Super Cool iPad cover.

September 16th, 2011 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Podcast

I was doing my research to prepare the topics I would cover on our podcast – The Blogsy Guys. In my research I came across a really cool iPad cover I thought I would talk about. What did I think was so cool about it? I thought it looked cool and also was a DIY project. It also worked like the official Smart Cover in that it wakes the iPad when you open the cover and turns it off when you close the cover. I love DIY projects and am always on the lookout for cool stuff I can make myself. This was the perfect project for me to do at home because it is something that I would actually get a lot of use out of after I made it.

So, I decided to talk about the iPad 2 on our podcast and then go about making one for myself. But a few days after we released our podcast I got an email from Eric over at coregeek.net – the designer and maker of the cool iPad cover. He thanked me for talking about his cover on our podcast and asked if I would like him to make and send me one. Tough decision – not! Yes, it would mean I don’t get the enjoyment out of doing it myself but I jumped all over the offer and said, “YES, I’d love a cover.” I guess I will get my DIY enjoyment from another project. So Eric sent me a link and asked me to choose the color I wanted for the cover. I chose the zebra print – because I just roll that way.

Now the wait was on. He said he was waiting for some corner pieces and once those arrived he would get to making it. Plus, I had to wait for the shipping time, as I am on the other side of the world it takes some time. But It arrived and I was pumping my fist with excitement. I just thought it was so cool that Eric would take the trouble to make it and send it to me on the other side of the world.

I unpacked it and was blown away by the quality. Usually DIY stuff is really cool but the quality is just not there. You know, little corners aren’t right or the materials aren’t cut exactly right. But this was amazingly good quality. I was actually really happy that Eric had made me one because I know had I made my own the quality would have never been that good.

The other thing that really surprised me was how light it was and yet how sturdy and strong it was. I was wondering how he could get cardboard to be so strong so I emailed him and asked him. Because honestly, I was worried that it would start to get flimsy over time. But he let me know that it wasn’t made with cardboard. He actually did the Edison thing and tried and tested a bunch of different materials until he found something that is amazingly sturdy and yet very light weight. It is made with 1/32″ birch plywood which is basically only made for skinning radio controlled model airplanes. That made the iPad cover even cooler, knowing that my new iPad 2 cover is like a radio controlled model airplane.

I guess I should add some pictures here and talk about some other things I noticed about the cover.

I think most of us look for a couple of things when we go shopping for an iPad – looks cool and keeps the iPad safe. This cover nails both of those requirements. And as I mentioned before the iPad turns on when you open the cover and goes to sleep when you close it.

Here is a good look at the inside of the cover. It is felt lined so it is soft on the screen and protects the glass. Also you will notice that there are two brackets on the outside corners to keep it in place. But it is not just these bracket keeping it from moving or falling out. There is a magnet under the felt that the iPad sits on. This magnet keeps it from shifting or falling out. I was surprised at how well this kept it in place and I played around with hanging it upside down and shaking it around and the iPad never came free. But by doing it this way it is very easy to remove it from the cover and put it back in. That is one of the things I never liked about most of the other covers out there – it is so difficult to remove the cover or put the cover back on. And I am the kind of user that likes to take my cover off and just use the iPad without a cover around the house but be able to quickly put on the cover before I head out for the day. The other benefit of this way of keeping the iPad in place is that the parts don’t become loose due to removing and putting the iPad back in.

This is a couple of shots showing the iPad propped up at an angle for better viewing. The angle is really good. Yes, I wish there were more angles but this is a limitation you seem to find in all iPad covers.

Here are a couple of pictures of the iPad setup I use when doing some serious blogging. For short and quick emails or twitter tweets the native iPad keyboard are fine but when I want to do some serious blogging I pull out my bluetooth keyboard and fire up Blogsy (had to get that pug in there :P).

I just thought that I would let you know that I have not been paid for this review. Actually, Eric never even asked me to write a blog post about it. I just think that this cover is so cool. And he sent me a free cover I use daily so I thought it was only honorable to write a blog post sharing my thoughts.


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