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June 28th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Improve | Update

This is the release note for Medusa (Blogsy 4.0). If you’d like more details about one of these new features please look through the last week of blog posts for details or watch our how-to videos. We reshot all of our how-to videos so they explain all new and old features.


New Platforms –

  • Squarespace
  • MetaWeblog – A generic setup so you can set up your blog even if you don’t see it as a blogging platform Blogsy supports. Almost all blogging platforms use the MetaWeblog API.
  • Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 – Prior to Medusa Blogsy only supported Joomla 1.5. Now it supports all the more recent versions of Joomla.

New Service –

  • Instagram – now you can drag in and embed Instagram photos into your blog posts.

New for all blogging platforms –

  • Image Captions – add and edit image captions.
  • Search Dock Item – one easy place to search for content on all the supported service. This also means you no longer have to set up an account to be able to search that service.
  • Word Count – tap on the Post Info. menu and you will see the word count for the post you are currently working on.
  • Image/Video Drag in Width – set the default drag in pixel limit. So if you know your blog’s post area width and how wide you always want your images to appear you can set this.
  • Video Alignment – lefts, center and right alignment for videos.
  • Video Size – easily adjust the size of a video to any dimensions you want.
  • Copy Browser Page Title – tap on the Blogsy Link Drag In Button to be able to copy the page title then paste it into your post and it will automatically make a link out of it.
  • Blockquote Pasting Option – copy content from a webpage then paste it into your blog post and you will be given a “blockquote” option to instantly turn it into a blockquote. (Make sure to watch the how-to video about this or read the blog post about this feature)
  • Image Double Tapping Opens Image in the Browser – double tap on an image in the dock and the full size image will open in Blogsy’s built-in browser.
  • Posted with Blogsy – a footer added to the end of your blog posts to show you published the post with Blogsy. But if you want to turn it off then just tap on it at the bottom of the screen.

WordPress –

  • Post Excerpts -now add and edit excerpts for your posts.

Tumblr –

  • Multiple Image Upload –¬†attach¬†and upload up to 5 images with Tumblr image photo post.


New languages added in Medusa thanks to some great translators.

  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Catalan

[Bug Fixes]

  • Flickr – If Flickr account is set to private Blogsy will no longer make a new “Blogsy Photos” set every time you upload.
  • IBM Connections – Fixed showing error report message after every correct posting.
  • Apostrophe bug fixed.
  • Double tap and hold crashing fixed.
  • Rich side cut, paste crashing fixed.
  • Link drag in on images/videos crashing fixed.




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22 Responses

  • Yay! Congrats and best of luck!

  • Harry says:

    Excited by the new version, but the new view on site feature (mostly) isn’t working for me. When I click on the eye, and the browser launches, it usually asks me to log into WordPress. When I do, I get my admin backend, not the post. Any suggestions? This should work with drafts, right?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Harry,

      Thank you for the comment. This shouldn’t be happening. This sounds like either you have lost the authorization to communicate with your blogs or you got a bad update.

      Try #1
      Go to Settings -> Service Settings -> WordPress -> Edit -> Delete All Accounts -> Then set up your blogs again. (*** make sure to save your local drafts as online drafts or to the Notes app first just to be careful.***) Did this solve it for you?

      Try #2
      If you still are having strange problems then it may mean you got a bad update. This is rare but happens with all apps. Can you completely delete Blogsy from your iPad then go to the App Store on your iPad and download it again. (You will not be charged again.) (*** make sure to save your local drafts as online drafts or to the Notes app first. When deleting Blogsy from your iPad all local drafts will be lost.) Did this solve it.

      If neither of these solved it then we need more details. Can you please email us at info(at)fomola(dot)com.


      • Harry says:

        Thanks, Lance. I don’t think I’ve lost authorization. Everything else works fine. And upon further testing, the preview works with posts that have been published. But not drafts.


        • Lance says:

          Hello Harry,

          Then this doesn’t make sense to us unless you have some security plugin or something special on your server blocking the access.

          The only way for us to try to figure this out would be for you to set us up as an author on your account so we can test it from our end. Please email us the URL, username and PW to info(at)fomola(dot)com.


  • Krista says:

    The new version keeps crashing repeatedly upon opening the app. Plus, is there a way to get rid of the new “posted with Blogsy” at the bottom of the posts? I put up a Blogsy widget on my blog, cause you guys are awesome, but I want my posts to only have what I put in them there. Thanks!

    • Lance says:

      Hello Krista,

      Thank you for the comment.

      1) The crashing your are describing is not something anyone else is reporting. You may have gotten a bad update. It’s rare but happens with all apps. Can you completely delete Blogsy from your iPad then go to the App Store on your iPad and download it again. (You will not be charged again.) (*** make sure to save your local drafts as online drafts or to the Notes app first. When deleting Blogsy from your iPad all local drafts will be lost.) Are you still experiencing the crash after doing this?

      2) The “Posted with Blogsy” footer message. If you tap on it you will be taken to the menu to turn it off or change the wording. You can also find the “Posted with Blogsy” menu in the Settings menu -> General Settings.

      Looking forward to hearing back.


  • Simon says:

    Hi. Thanks for a great tool. Unfortunately I can’t get it to post on my blog, keeps crashing when I press post. It’s a WordPress.com blog with many pictures from smugmug. I used the drag and drop feature. Please help.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Simon,

      That is strange. Possibly there is a plugin or setting on your blog which is causing this issue. But if that’s the case Blogsy should just be displaying that error, not crashing. Can you set us up as an author on your blog so we can test it from our end? Please email me at info(at)fomola(dot)com about this so I can give you our WordPress.com email address to set us up as an author.


  • Hi Lance,

    well done for another release! Thought I’d let you know about a few issues I’ve discovered with the latest version (4.0):

    First of all, this post (assuming these are the release notes) is not working under Settings – Release Notes. The link in the app points to http://www.fomola.com?p=603. This only shows a blank page in the app and does a redirect in Firefox to your home page. Guess that post doesn’t exist.

    More importantly though, on my new iPad (3rd Generation) I can’t add pictures from my camera roll anymore. Happens with some other folders too, but specifically with the camera roll this is a big problem. I can select it, but all I get is a small window that says “No usable content in this folder”. I can however see the thumbnail of the latest picture. On other folders I only see a grey picture and get the same message.

    My wife on the other hand had a different issue with her iPad 2: her latest posts are being published as “scheduled” rather than “published”, albeit with the timestamp of when she hit the publish button (i.e. iPad time). Turns out that the server’s time was not set properly (it was 2hrs behind “real time”) so the Blogsy timestamps were off. This can be a problem when you’re posting when your iPad is on a different time zone. Nothing major, but I thought I’d let you know either way. I don’t know if it’s possible to submit a post via XML-RPC without having to specify a time and date and instead let WordPress take care of this upon arrival? Would help holiday posters.

    All the best from London,


    • Lance says:

      Hello Jay,

      Thank you for the detailed comment.

      1) I haven’t heard of the Release Note link problem. I will have my programmer look into this and get it fixed in an update.

      2) You are the 4th person to report this “No Usable Content” in the photo library problem. We are still trying to figure this one out. It seems that one (or more) of your pictures/images in your photo library has a problem. So far we have found a few workarounds until we come up with a solution. 1) Dump all the photos off of the iPad then take a picture/screenshot with the iPad and you won’t have this problem. You can move the photos you want to use back onto the iPad but they may cause the problem again. 2) Or you create folders and move photos/images to these folders and if the photos in that folder are not causing a conflict then you will have access to that folder. 3) Or, if you have PhotoStream set up it seems that Apple fixes the images when they get uploaded to PhotoStream so you can get to your photos in Blogsy through the PhotoStream folder. But obviously these are not solutions. We cannot reproduce this problem so we don’t know how to fix it. Can you dump your photo library to Dropbox then share that Dropbox folder with us? We want to try to put your photos on our iPad and see if we can reproduce the problem. We are not sure if uploading them to Dropbox will fix the images like PhotoStream fixes them though. But we would like to test this if you could. To get the email we use for Dropbox please email me at info(at)fomola(dot)com.

      3) We are not able to publish without sending a date and time. So “automatic” will be the date and time on your iPad at the time you publish. You need to have your iPad date and time be the same as your blog or set the date and time for a post manually in Blogsy.


      • Steve says:

        I just started having this “no usable conten” issue today….I’m using blogsy for a travel blog and have been posting with pics using 4.0 without any problems until now. What could be the issue with the pictures? I’m confused as to how that may be a problem. There are a few videos in the camera roll, but that hasn’t caused a problem before. I’m still travelling so dumping the pics off the iPad isn’t an option. I tried creating a new album with the photos I wanted to use for my latest post and that worked…a work around for sure, but would be great to see this fixed so we don’t constantly have to create new albums to post pics.

        • Lance says:

          Hello Steve,

          Thank you for the comment. You are the 7th person to report this and we are still trying to figure it out. We don’t have this problem and are not able to reproduce it. We need to be able to reproduce it to solve it.
          For some reason your iPad is telling Blogsy there are 0 usable images in the camera roll. That message you are seeing (no usable content) is an iOS message and not one created in Blogsy. You said you just started having this issue. Can you tell us how you got the photos into your camera roll right before this started happening? Did you save them from the net or an email? Did you use the Apple Camera Kit? Did you use another app to import them? Were images created in another app and saved to the camera roll?

          a. For three of the people with this problem the only thing that worked was dumping the photo off to their computer through iTunes.
          b. 1 person said a complete delete of Blogsy and reinstall solved it.
          c. The other 3 have not responded to emails.

          Can you please email your answers to info(at)fomola(dot)com.

  • Martin says:

    Hello, I just bough blogsy for use on my new blog. I seems like it would have all the features I need (Flickr, YouTube etc.) – unfortunately I can’t get it to work at all. Whenever I publish to my WordPress blog the content is garbled. The simplest example is this:

    I create a new post by pressing + on the upper right.
    I write a title
    I click on the body and write test
    I choose another font size 7 and write test again.
    I open the publish menu and press publish.

    This is what I see on my blog:

    p Test/ppfont class=Apple-style-span size=7Test/font/p

    The blog is a completely fresh install of WordPress 3.4.1 with default theme and no plugins.

    Anything that I am missing?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Martin,

      Thanks for the comment.

      This looks like the server you have your blog running on is not running the latest version of PHP and LibXML2. I did a blog post about this and an FAQ. Please check out this blog post explaining this http://www.fomola.com/blog/?s=libxml2. If this does not solve your problem let me know and we will try to help you track down the problem.


      • Martin says:

        Thank you, Lance! That helped. I installed libxml2 fix plugin (unfortunately my host is not easy to convince to change anything). However the “” are still stripped away which e.g. causes only the first word of a multi-word caption to be shown. Is this still caused by the same problem? In that case I might need to switch host if I cannot argue them into upgrading php and libxml.
        Thanks a lot of quick response! Martin

        • Lance says:

          Hello Martin,

          No, this does not sound like the same problem. And I don’t know of any problem like this. Can you take screenshots of what you are trying to do in Blogsy then publish the post and send us the URL so we can look into it? Please email us this information at info(at)fomola(dot)com.


  • Adam says:

    Both my wife and I have the no usable content problem after the update. Very frustrating.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Adam,

      I understand your frustration. We are also very frustrated by this. You and your wife are the the 13th and 14th to report this. We are not able to reproduce this problem so we are having a hard time figuring out the cause. Blogsy is just asking the iPad how many images are in the camera roll and your iPad is sending back that there aren’t any usable images. Because we are not able to reproduce this we can’t try to program around this and test to see if it solves it. So far we have only had one person willing to be a tester to help us get this figured out. Will you help us test our code changes.

      The other person that was willing to be a tester no longer had the problem once they installed our test version. The problem with this is that we didn’t make and coding changes. All we did is set up an auto email module so we could see what information the iPad is sending back when asking it how many photos are in the camera roll.

      There are a couple of workarounds (we don’t consider these a solution) to get to the photos on your iPad through Blogsy.
      1) Set up Photo Stream. You then can tap on the Photo Stream folder in Blogsy and you will be able to use your photos.
      2) In the Photos app create a new folder and move photos to this folder. You can access the photos in this new folder in Blogsy.

      If you are willing to help us test so we can figure out a way to program around what we think is an iOS bug please email us at info(at)fomola(dot)com.


  • Amber says:

    My blogsy app stopped working completely. Wouldn’t open . So I deleted it and tried to reinstall it but when I went to purchased apps in my App Store the install button is non valid. It’s their but won’t let me press the install button. I went to App Store to maybe repurchase it but same problem app there but the 4.99 buy button wont let me press it. Did I do something to my settings that is blocking blogsy. Can’t figure it out.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Amber,

      Thank you for the comment. You should not have to buy Blogsy again. If you are signed into the same iTunes account as the one you used to buy it then you can download it from the App Store again for free.

      Did you set some age restrictions on your iPad for downloads or apps? Apple requires us to rate Blogsy 17+ because it has a built-in browser. So if you have set an age restriction on your iPad then you won’t be able to download Blogsy.

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