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Link option in bubble disappearing in iOS6.

September 21st, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs

We found an issue with the “Link” option disappearing if you are running iOS6.

First, iOS has different popup menus if you have the keyboard open or closed.

If the keyboard is closed and you select text then you will get this menu and it should have the “Link” option in it.


If you have the keyboard open and you select text then you get this bubble of options. There is no “Link” option in this menu.


But the problem is that once you select text with the keyboard open then close the keyboard and try to select text the “Link” option no longer appears.


We will get this fixed and it will be part of Blogsy 4.1.3. In the meantime there are two different workarounds.

1) Close Blogsy and open the multitasking area on your iPad and delete Blogsy from there. Then launch Blogsy again and the “Link” option will once again be in the bubble. (Do not delete Blogsy from your iPad, just the multitasking area)

2) Or you can use the drag in method to create your links. In other words, select the text you want to use to create the link then open the built-in browser and drag in the site to create the link. This is explained in our “Creating Links” how-to video.



Sorry for the inconvenience. The fix will be in Blogsy 4.1.3


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