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Instagram support and Drag in Pixel Limit setting coming in Medusa (Blogsy 4.0)

June 20th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Features | Improve | Instagram | iPad | Update | User Requests


As I mentioned in yesteday's post we have submitted Medusa (Blogsy 4.0) to Apple and are just waiting for approval. So 6 days now and counting.

In today's post I will reveal two more things we have added as part of Medusa.

1) Instgram Support – Yep, now you can set up your Instagram account in Blogsy and drag photos into your blog posts and blog about them. You can also use photos of people you follow, photos you've liked and popular photos. But as I am sure you are aware, you should always give credit to the owner of the photos. By default the image is linked to

As far as we know Blogsy is the only way you can embed a photo in a blog post directly from your Instagram account. We think that is pretty cool.


2) Drag in Pixel Limit setting – By default Blogsy will set the display size to 500 pixels wide when you drag in an image or video unless the souce image is smaller than that. We do this because if we didn't then many images would be displayed as 1000s of pixels wide and it would make using Blogsy cumbersome. Also, most blogs' post areas are right around 500 pixels wide. For those that like their image or video display sizes to be different they can go into the Image/Video Settings menu and adjust this. But if you have to do this in every post for every image it gets a little old. So now we have built in the ability to override this default drag in width. This means you will now be able to set it to the width you use most of the time for your blog.

Check back tomorrow to see some more things we have added in Medusa.



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