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Image Captions and Geotagging coming in Medusa (Blogsy 4.0)

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Features | Improve | Platforms | Update | User Requests

5 days and counting until Apple approves Medusa.

So today's two feature reveals are image captions and Geotagging.

1) Image Captions – There is no standard HTML for image captions. And because Blogsy supports so many different platforms it has taken us quite a while to figure out how to support image captions for the different platforms. Because the platforms are different there are things you need to be aware of.

Medusa (Blogys 4.0)

a) Adding a Caption – You add your caption in the Image Settings menu.

You will not see your caption in the post in Blogsy. But when you publish your blog post it will be there.

Okay, now for the things you should be aware of.

If you fetch a post from your blog and it has images with captions it will work differently depending on the blogging platform you are using.

a) The WordPress way – WordPress has their own HTML for captions. So when you fetch a post from your blog to edit in Blogsy, if the post has images with captions, the captions will not show below the images. But if you open the Image Settings menu you will see the image captions in the Caption field.

b) Blogger and other platforms way – Blogger and the other platforms use tables to have image captions. Becuase of this, when you fetch a post to edit in Blogsy which has image captions, the captions will show in the blog post but not in the Image Settings menu. This means you have to be careful about a few things.

  • If you want to edit the caption in this situation you tap on the caption in the main body and edit it.
  • Do not add another caption in the Image Settings menu
  • If you fetch a post from Blogger or one of the other platforms then want to publish it to WordPress you should get rid of the table HTML and caption on the HTML Side then write the caption in the Image Settings menu. Therefore I would suggest that you first publish your posts to WordPress then to Blogger or one of the other platforms if you are posting the same blog post to multiple blogs.


2) Geotagging – This is a WordPress only feature because it works through custom fields which the other platforms don't support.

Just go to the bottom of the Post Info. menu and turn on Geotagging for your post. Now, if your blog theme supports Geotagging or you have a plugin which uses this information to display something in your posts you can use Blogsy to set the location.

See you all tomorrow with information about other new things coming in Medusa.



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6 Responses

  • Yep, just gets better and BETTER! Blogsy is the product of a lot of hard work and it shows. It also shows that the team cares about developing not just a good but a great app!

  • Ah, image captions! Excellent. I had just moved back to using the regular old WordPress post maker because I missed captions on my site, but now I have no reason not to write the posts in Blogsy! Thank you very much for deciding to add it, because I know you were considering leaving it out.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Kevin,

      Thanks for the comment. We weren’t considering leaving it out. We were just having a hard time figuring it out considering all the platforms we support and the fact that there is no standard HTML for captions. And as you see it this post it’s not as smooth as we would like. But with the way the different platforms work this is the only way to accomplish it.

      Happy Blogging,

  • Resham Phuldel says:

    I like to add table caption in geo-tagged photo, Later which can be viewed in Goggle earth like this


    • Lance says:

      Hello Resham Phuldel,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Blogsy just geotags the post. This is all that the WordPress API will allow as far as geotagging goes. If you want to geotag photos and add any information to that geotagging like you mentioned then you will need to find an app that does that.


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