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Google changed their authorization URL which is causing a processing message in Blogsy.

March 15th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Flickr | Picasa | YouTube

Because Google changed their¬†authorization URL Blogsy shows a “Please Wait…” message when trying to set up a Google service (Blogger, Picasa, YouTube).

If you see this you can just ignore it and sign in to set up your account. It will go away after you account it set up and you tap on one of the dock items.

If you cancel setting up your account then this “Please Wait…” message will continue showing and you can’t cancel it. In this case you need to close Blogsy and open the multitask bar on your iPad and delete Blogsy from there. Then you can launch Blogsy again and that message will be gone.

We already have this fixed and it will be in our next update.



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