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EasyBlog with Blogsy

August 10th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Information | Joomla | Platforms

The other day we got a tweet from someone saying they wished Blogsy worked with EasyBlog- the Joomla blog component.I said that if EasyBlog supports the MetaWeblog API then Blogsy supports it. A little while later I got a tweet from the folks at EasyBlog confirming that EasyBlog blogs can be setup and published to in Blogsy.

I have a lot of respect for companies that really care about their users. Companies that take the extra step to bring the best possible service and make things as easy and clear as possible for users. So I was thoroughly impressed that the actual developers behind EasyBlog reached out and communicated with us instead of just having their users do it. But they didn’t stop there, they wrote up a blog post about how EasyBlog users can set up and use Blogsy to publish to their blogs. It really is a good and detailed writeup. You can check it out here.

So, if you are looking to start blogging or wanting to move to a new blogging platform you really should check out EasyBlog. If my communication with them is any indication you will get some great customer support if you ever run into a problem.

GIVEAWAY – EasyBlog for 3!

I let the people over at EasyBlog know that I had done this post and I told them that we would be willing to give away 3 promo codes of Blogsy to their users. So they offered to do a giveaway of EasyBlog for 3 Blogsy users in return. I think that’s pretty cool of them.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below explaining what you’d blog about or you could tweet that answer and add @BlogsyApp and @stackideas to the end of the tweet. We will be picking the winners next Friday (local time).

This giveaway is over. The winners have been chosen and the promo codes sent out. Congratulations to the winners.



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12 Responses

  • Brian says:

    I’ve been sitting on a street-photography appropriate URL that I want to use to showcase great street photography and related articles. If I won I would bring it to life.

  • I am currently building a community site all about Thailand, I need a component to allow community members to post their blogs about their travels and experiences in Thailand. What better component than EasyBlog to accomplish that! ;) Together with Blogs? WOW!

    • Lance says:

      I would love to check out that site. I’ve been to Thailand a couple of times and loved it!

      • Should be launching at the end of this month. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Thailand. I worked for two years as an English teacher in bangkok until they changed the laws :( My wife is from Thailand and we go there on vacation every year.

        • Lance says:

          Sound like a great place to be an English teacher. If they changed the law you should have headed to Korea to teach. There are lots of teaching jobs here. Congrats on the marriage. Being married to a Thai you must get to see a whole different side of Thailand that most foreigners don’t get to.

  • John says:

    Their customer support is number one out of all Blogging platforms I have tested.

  • damienf says:

    I would introduce myself to the world and perhaps a recipe for a fab Italian dish!

  • Simon Edvardsson says:

    i need a blog so sooo much. cuz you know….
    Im from the 3 of October going to the magical country of India. FOR 6 MONTH!!!
    And as you understand me correkt im gona write one of the top blogs (in my eyes).
    Im gona take pictures and geo tagging. think im going to use every singel funktions possible.
    please save me the money that the blogg costs and let me use it on my trip.

    Best Wishes Simon Edvardsson

    • Lance says:

      Hello Simon,

      Thank you very much for leaving the comment. Unfortunately we have already chosen the winners and sent out the promo codes. That’s too bad because it sounds like your blog would be amazing to read.


  • Mikeh says:

    I run the onlt Community Internet Radio Station in Europe for Radio Control Airplane Modellers. I would use it at RC Airplane Airshows to Blog about what is going on at the show

    • Lance says:

      Hello Mikeh,

      Thank you very much for the comment. Sorry to say that this giveaway has finished and the promo codes have been sent out to the winner. Thanks to your comment I realized I had not added this note to this blog post. So I have added this note now to the blog post so people know the giveaway is over.

      BTW – your blog sounds very interesting. Anything RC is very cool!

      Sorry for the confusion,

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