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Centaur (Blogsy 3.3) is running wild in the App Store.

February 16th, 2012 | Posted by Sean in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Improve | Update
We have just released Centaur (Blogsy 3.3) so as soon as Apple get it through there system (within 60 minutes) you can update.
So what is in Centaur?


  1. Email – Now you can create and send richly formatted emails. Why do we think this is cool? First, if your blogging platform is not supported by Blogsy and provides the ability to email-to-post then you can use Blogsy to create blog posts. Second, you can send richly formatted emails to friends and family. Finally, other internet services have features provided through email. For example you can send an email to Mail Chimp and it will send it to all your subscribers.
  2. IBM Connections support – Now bloggers that use IBM Connections can use Blogsy.
  3. YouTube double tap to open in browser. – Not sure if the YouTube video is the one you want to use? Just double tap on it and it will open in Blogsy’s built-in browser where you can watch the video or find out more information about it.
  4. Blogger page support – Now you can create and edit Blogger pages.
  5. YouTube private/unlisted videos. – Now Blogsy will show YouTube videos you have set to unlisted or private so you can drag and drop them into your posts.
  6. Remove Apple style span (unnecessary html code) – We now strip out the unnecessary HTML Apple adds.
  7. Changed b, i tag to strong, em tag. – iOS uses the b and i tags for bolding and italics. This is not the standard HTML so some blog themes have style settings for “strong” and “em” but not “b” and “i”. This would cause inconsistencies in post styling. Blogsy now converts “b” and “i” to “strong” and “em”.
  8. Javascript support – In previous version of Blogsy, if users had embedded some javascript snippet Blogsy could not handle it because it conflicted with Blogsy’s javascript. Blogsy will no longer strip out the javascript snippet. An example of a javascript snippet would be if you added a Twitter snippet to your post.
  9. Video settings memory – Blogsy now remembers the “iFrame” or “Old Embed” code setting you chose for your last video. So you won’t have to keep changing every video you drag into a blog post.
  10. Adding same blog with different user name on Blogger now possible – Now Blogger users can set up multiple authors for the same blog in Blogsy. This is now the same as WordPress and other platforms.
  11. URL text field on TypePad SignIn for self hosting – Now users with a self-hosted TypePad blog can use Blogsy.
  12. Refresh “Online” post list – Now every time you go to the “Online” listing Blogsy will update that listing. This means that if you have created a blog post from your admin panel it will be automatically viewable in Blogsy without forcing you to update the listing.
  13. Fetching Posterous drafts – Blogsy can now fetch Posterous drafts.
  14. Removed autocompletion for MovableType URL on SignIn – This enables users with a non-standard URL to set up their MovableType blog in Blogsy.
  15.  Changed Posterous attachment area title on canvas – We changed the wording for the Posterous image box for clarity.
  16. Correction if user types in More tag. – If a user types in the “more” tag then Blogsy will correct this.

Bug fixes

  1. More tag bug – fixed
  2. Typing in image div tag problem – fixed
  3. Bookmark list not refreshing right after adding a bookmark through the menu – fixed
  4. Posterous image box disappearing when switching using button on the dock – fixed
  5. Images showing left aligned when dragging them in right aligned – fixed
  6. Flickr image dragged in from sets were auto-linked to the image instead of the image page – fixed
  7. Image spacing showing on right side instead of left side when images are right-aligned – fixed
  8. “Load More” button not showing sometimes when there are videos in image library – fixed
  9. Blogsy crashes if user does not have email set up on their iPad – fixed
  10. Link settings crash – fixed
  11. iFrame parsing crash for videos – fixed
  12. Crash after upload finished – fixed
  13. Other misc. bug fixes.

Check out our Centaur Update Video.



Blogsy 3.3.1

This is the list of bugs we have fixed in this update.

1) IBM Connections – Support multiple blogs.
Problem fixed – IBM Connections users couldn’t set up their blogs in Blogsy if their account had multiple blogs. This fix will set up all their blogs in Blogsy at once.

2) Blogger update account.
Problem fixed – If the user declined to set up their Blogger blogs again when Blogsy requested, and they only have Blogger blogs set up in Blogsy, then any post they have open will be lost if they close Blogsy.

3) TypePad Post Info.
Problem fixed – TypePad users were seeing the Posterous option when they tapped on the Post Info. menu. So they could not set a post as draft or select categories.

4) Justified and right-aligned text.
Problem fixed – If a user chose to justify or right-align their text Blogsy would strip out the HTML when publishing or flipping to the HTML side and back.

5) Dragging from device library crash
Problem fixed – If a user selected images to upload and the uploading finished then they tapped on another service in the dock and then back to the iPad photo library dock icon the panel would open showing the iPad Photo Library images but the uploading view would not show. In this situation, if the user tried to drag an image, thinking they were dragging it into a post, Blogsy would crash.

6) Blogger and WordPress selection crash
Problem fixed – If a user had both a Blogger blog and WordPress blog set up and tried to select the Blogger blog to post to Blogsy would crash.


Minor feature adjustments

1) WordPress – Now shows a specific error messages instead of a general one when accounts fails to set up.
2) Posterous – now lists all blogs on an account instead of just 30.
3) Translation – German, French and Chinese translation corrections.
4) Uploading error messages – now shows the specific error message the server is sending back to Blogsy.



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23 Responses

  • Bruce Baugh says:

    Oh, the posting by mail makes me happy. I’ll be able to use that with LiveJournal, and do one more thing on the iPad well rather than just scraping by. :)

    Is there any way to use Blogsy to post to Google+, or is that just not a prospect at this point?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Bruce,

      Thanks for the comment. Happy to hear you are looking forward to the email function. But you may still be frustrated. We did some testing with email-to-post to LiveJournal and it stripped out all the HTML. Maybe there is some setting we didn’t find. If you figure out how to keep LiveJournal from stripping out the HTML can you please share it?

      You can not post to Google+ directly. I don’t know if Google+ has a feature where you can email to G+. Blogsy does not have the capability to auto tweet/Facebook/Google+ a blog post. There are a few reasons for this. 1) Users use a plugin on their blog that takes care of this and it could cause a conflict if we add it in Blogsy. 2) We haven’t figured out a way to tweet/Facebook/Google+ a blog post when someone schedules the post.

      Happy Blogging!

      • Bruce Baugh says:

        Sure! The secret is the tag. Anything between and will be rendered straight into HMTL.

        You can see a post I wrote (with Blogsy!) for a work-related blog, and compare it with a LiveJournal post I made using the post-by-mail interface with GMail. Now, I did have to add in the paragraph opening and closing tags manually – so ideally Blogsy would add at the start of a post, insert the p and /p tags for each paragraph, and close it off with .

  • Bruce Baugh says:

    Whoops! Let’s try that again: the relevant tag is lj-raw and /lj-raw, with the usual brackets front and back.

    • Lance says:

      We tested with that and it still stripped out our HTML. We are wondering if there is some limitation based on if you are a paid user versus a free user.

      Anyway, we just released Centaur. So, when you get a chance, can you test it out for LiveJournal and let us know your results.


  • The update appears to have removed the ability to mark posts as drafts on Typepad. Or am I missing something?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Lance,

      Thanks for the comment.

      This shouldn’t be the case, let us check it out on our end and get back to you.

      BTW – great name – LOL


    • Lance says:

      Hello Lance,

      You found a bug in the update. Setting a TypePad post to draft is broken. We will be submitting a bug fix to Apple next week and it will take them about a week for them to approve it.

      We’re very sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Carlos says:

    Text justification is not working. I am sending an email with the details. Essentially when you switch to HTML side the justification is removed so that when you switch back to write side the text is back to the default left justification.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Carlos,

      Yes, you are correct that the justification is not working in Blogsy 3.3. Thank you for your detailed email showing the problem. We will be submitting a bug fix this week which will correct the problem. I will do a blog post about this.

      Until the update comes out you will need to flip to the HTML side and write the justify code yourself then publish your post from the HTML Side. If you flip back to the Rich Side the justify HTML will be stripped out.

      You need to replace the p tag for any paragraph you want justified with the following. And don’t forget to put these (“< " and ">“) at the start and end of this code. p style = “text-align: justify;”

      To make it easier you can set up an iOS “Shortcuts” or a TextExpander snippet.

      The reason this problem is happening is because in our latest update we strip out all the useless style HTML Apple automatically adds. Unfortunately the justify code is caught up in our rules for what to strip.

  • A great update! The email option should come in very handy. Many thanks for adding that.

    Now I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but is there any chance of support for Vimeo videos in a future update?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Glenn,

      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      You are not alone in asking for Vimeo support. I can’t make any guarantees that it will be added in a future update but I can tell you that it is on our “Possible Future Features” list.

      Happy Blogging!

  • John Apostolakis says:

    Since the latest update to Blogsy, I have lost access to my Picasa account and can no longer upload photographs to my traveling blog from Vietnam. I am using an iPad. I have tried to set up a new Picasa account, in the hope of having access to my photos, but I have been unsuccessful. It doesn’t help that, even though my default language on the iPad is English, the Google website comes up in Vietnamese and I have no way of knowing what to do and where to click. I have tried everything I can think of, but to no avail.
    My blog is dying. Help me please.

    • Lance says:

      Hello John,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

      Delete your Picasa account from Blogsy and set it up again.

      1) Go to Settings.
      2) Tap on “Service Settings”
      3) Tap on “Manage Dock Items”
      4) Tap on “Picasa”
      5) Slide your finger across the title of the Picasa account you have set up to get a delete button.
      6) Tap on the “Delete” button
      7) Now tap on Add a New Account and set up your account again.

      Google automatically localizes the language and we have no control over that. The setup part is Google’s and not part of Blogsy. If you are setting up your account at first then after entering username and password in the next step you just need to tap on the blue button. But if you have set up a different Picasa account using a different username then you will first need to cancel this. In that case don’t tap the blue button tap the button to the right of the blue one. Then tap on Dismiss in the message we show in Blogsy and tap on your username in the black bar in the top. From the drop down menu tap on the very last (bottom) option in the list. This will move you back to your Picasa listing in Blogsy. Tap on “Add a New Account” and you can put in your username and password.

      Please let us know whether or not you continue to have the same problem after doing this.

  • Patricia says:

    What happening with local photo acess?? After upgrade I don’t have more de icon on my right side for upload my fotos from my tablet.
    Please can you fix it

    • Lance says:

      Hello Patricia,

      That is very strange. You are the only one to report losing that dock icon when updating. It makes us worry that you did not get a good install. If you did not get a good install/update then you may run into other problems also. We would suggest that you completely delete Blogsy from your iPad then go to the App Store on your iPad and download Blogsy again. Apps at times do not install correctly – a good thing to remember for any apps you install or update in the future.

      But if you just want to get the icon back then you should be able to do the following.

      a) Open the Blogsy Settings menu.
      b) Tap on “Service Settings”
      c) Tap on “Manage Dock Items”
      (d~g are only done if you see “Photo Library” in the list. If not skip to h)
      d) Tap on “Edit”
      e) Tap on the delete circle to the left of “Photo Library”
      f) Tap on “Delete” to delete it from the dock.
      g) Tap on “Done”
      h) Tap on “Add a New Item”
      I) Tap on “Photo Library”
      j) Exit the Settings menu

      Please keep us posted on your results.

  • With the latest update, when I drag a Flickr photo from my photo stream on to a post it defaults to the very small 240 pixel version. previously, a larger one was selected. how can I change this back to how it used to work? just changing the pixel dimensions of the photo doesn’t change the image src to be the larger version

    • Lance says:

      Hello Tricia,

      We didn’t make any change like this so we don’t know how this could be happening to you. Can you take a screenshot of the Rich Side and HTML Side showing this problem. Then email the screenshots along with the URL to a blog post with this problem. You can email it to info(at)fomola(dot)com.

      We’ll get this figured out!

  • I like the application allot. But one thing that make it difficult is to find the pictures from those thousands i have. There is no filename and no date so I need to find that with another computer. It would be nice if I could search on filename or do a copy paste from other places. Optionally to set the blog date to the day of the first added picture. another wish would be able to add text and pictures first and then do one publish that first uploads the picture and then updates the blog.

    Best regarss

    • Lance says:

      Hello Christer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Blogsy does have the ability to search your Flickr and Picasa photos. There is also the ability to do a Google image search. On top of that you can search in the built-in browser and drag in images to your post from the built-in browser so I don’t really understand your difficulty. Can you please give more details.

      You can set the date of your post in the Post Info. menu to the date of the first added picture if that is what you would like to do.

      I don’t fully understand your last request. You are able to crate a post with images and text and publish it then open it in Blogsy again and update it.

      If you have time you may want to check out our how-to videos. Users have told us that they really helped them get the most out of Blogsy. You can find them in the Settings menu under “How-To Videos” or you can find them here – http://www.blogsyapp.com/how-to.

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