Just a swipe of the finger to add pictures and videos to your blog posts.

Blogsy 4.1.1 (look below for things added in Blogsy 4.1)

Feature changes –

1) Wrap raw text with paragraph tags(p or div) when swipe to Rich Side. – Now, even if you don’t type the p or div tags when writing on the HTML Side Blogsy will automatically add them when you swipe to the Rich Side.

2) Added hidden HTML formatting – This will make the HTML easier to read if you go to your WordPress admin and look in the HTML view.

3) Remember last Tumblr Markdown setting – Now if a user sets Markdown to “on” or “off” it will be set the same way the next time they start a new post.

4) Remember last Comments setting – Now if a user sets comments to “on” or “off” it will be set the same way the next time they start a new post.

5) iPad won’t go to sleep when uploading – The iPad will not go to sleep while images are being uploaded.

6) Showing Picasa username as title on uploading location – In the post confirmation popup it will show the username if you have chosen Picasa as the photo upload location.

7) Add Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo to the default services on the dock – New users will see all services Blogsy supports in the dock when they first install Blogsy. They can remove ones they don’t want to use through the Settings menu.

8) MovableType multiple users – Now multiple users on the same blog can be set up.

Bug fixes –

1) WordPress – SelfHosted : Invalid Attachment ID problem fixed.

2) Tumblr – Blogsy would crash on the first attempt to publish a Tumblr photo post.

3) Tumblr – Would get an error if trying to post a Tumblr photo post with more than one image attached.

4) SquareSpace – Couldn’t fetch uploaded images to display in the Rich Side if the blog was using a custom domain

5) Method Type (null) and incorrect platform information in error code reports.

6) Added br tags in lists – Blogsy would add br tags when fetching posts with ordered or unordered lists. If users published from the HTML side these br tags would be added to their published posts.

7) Formatting iframe bug – Formatting buttons didn’t work if a post had an iframe object in it.

8) White background problem in toolbar icon – At the far right of the formatting toolbar white corners can be seen on iPad 1 and iPad 2.

9) Browser not opening problem fixed.

10) Empty rich side issue fixed.

11) Prevent Javascript parsing crash.

12) Direct embed paper/envelope toggle button disappearing fixed.

13) Browser home button URL not saving if it has http fixed.

14) Photo library full image preview crash fixed.

15) Direct image drag in portrait image dimension problem fixed.


Blogsy 4.1 (Cerberus)

Cerberus (Blogsy 4.1) brings three big new features.


1) Offline/Direct adding of photos from the iPad photo library – Yep, we finally figured out how to make it possible to add photos from the iPad Photo library to a post without having to upload the images first. This also means that you will be able to add photos to a post when you are offline. We will have a how-to video up later today showing how this new feature works.

2) Facebook integration – That’s right, now you can drag in photos from your Facebook account to your blog posts. This means you can easily blog about photos on your Facebook account and also photos you have been tagged in. Also, Blogsy now give you the ability to upload photos to your Facebook account with. This way you wont have to have the same photo on Facebook and also in your blog media library. Photos that you upload with Blogsy to your Facebook account will not be added to your timeline. If you want them to be added to your timeline then you can go to your Facebook account in a desktop browser and add them to your timeline.

If you are a current Blogsy user and want to add Facebook go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> Add A New Item -> Then tap on Facebook. This will add it to the dock in Blogsy and you can set up your Facebook account.

3) Featured Image – Yes, Blogsy already had Featured Image support. But that required you to make some changes to the PHP files on your server. Now, if you are running WordPress 3.4 or later then Blogsy will detect that and you won’t have to make those PHP file changes. This also means that WordPress.com users will now be able to set the Featured Image with Blogsy.

[Bugs Fixed]

1) If users tried to post with custom fields that included location data the user manually put in, Blogsy would crash.

2) Metaweblog conflict – If a user had a TypePad, Joomla or SquareSpace blog set up then would try to set up a metaweblog blog Blogsy would crash.

3) In certain circumstances Blogsy would crash when uploading images to a Drupal media library.

4) Metaweblog blogs – incorrect date type problem when trying to post or update.

5) Joomla blogs – some servers required a specific URL to the xmlrpc file.

5) XMLRPC blogs – Blogsy won’t clear a post if an error occurs while posting or updating a post.

6) NAVER blogs – Blogsy would always publish the post as private.

7) Browser button – Infrequently, Blogsy would crash when tappong the browser button in the dock.



We are really excited announce our latest update. We added a new platform, a new service and a whole lot of new features. It takes Apple about a week to approve updates so you should be able to find it on the App Store next week.

So what is in Dragon?


1. Retina Display Support – Blogsy now has the high resolution graphics to look clear and crisp on the New iPad.

2. Tumblr support – Blogsy supports all post types for Tumblr. So if you want to post a quote post, audio post, video post, text post,…etc, you can do it with Blogsy. Check out our platforms page to see all the Tumblr features Blogsy supports.



3. Vimeo support – This means you can now easily drag and drop your Vimeo videos into your post. No need to copy and paste embed codes.



4. Featured Image Support – Now you can set or edit the featured image for your self-hosted WordPress blog. You will be able to choose an image from your iPad to use as a featured image or choose an image from your WordPress Media Library. This is not part of the WordPress API so you need to change some files on your server in order to use this feature. If you want to do it now so you are prepared for when Blogsy will be on the App Store the instructions are here.

5. Custom Field Support – Set and edit custom fields for WordPress blog posts.

6. WordPress Media Library Access – If you have a WordPress.com blog or a self-hosted WordPress blog which is running version 3.1 or later then you will have direct access to your media library.

7. PDF / Document / Audio WordPress Drag and Drop – You can drag and drop PDF, document or audio files from the WordPress media library into your post.

7. Post Format Support – Set and edit the post format for WordPress blog posts.

8. Sticky Support – Choose to make a WordPress blog post “Sticky” .

9. Keep Local Draft – We have added an option to keep a local draft when publishing a post to your blog.

10. Local Draft UI Change – Now even if you have a post open it will appear in the “local” draft list. There is a check mark next to the post in the list showing which post you currently have open.

11. Edit Button – Added an edit button at the top of the “local” draft lists to make it more clear how to delete a draft if a user is unaware of the swipe to delete UI.

12. IBM Connections Encoding – IBM Connections uses non-standard HTML entities for foreign languages. iOS can not read these special HTML entities. So we have built a parser for these so IBM Connections users can load and edit posts from their blog written in a foreign language.

13. TypePad Source Image – Blogsy now dynamically changes the source image used for displaying your image in a blog post based on the display size you choose. This makes your blog load faster without any loss in image clarity.

14. Blogger Parser Enhancement – Blogsy’s Blogger Parser will now convert between the standard <p> tag and the Blogger <br> tag method. This means you can edit a post in your Blogger Dashboard created with Blogsy now and Blogger will not change the formatting. This also means that if you load a post created or edited in your Blogger admin into Blogsy you can now drag images between paragraphs.

15. Blogger Media Library – Many people are unaware that Google owns both Blogger and Picasa so they choose to use Picasa as a Blogger blog’s media library. Therefore Blogsy now prompts people to set up their Picasa account right after they set up their Blogger blog.

16. Default Video Format – The default video format is now set to iFrame. (Only for new users.)

17. Flickr Private Images – Users are now able to see their Flickr images set to private when they do a Flickr search.

18. Language Support – Thanks to our great translators Blogsy is now in Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Czech and Korean.

19. Flickr Image Sizes – Flickr added two new sizes to their list of automatically generated image sizes. We have added these new sizes in Blogsy.

Bug Fixes

1. IBM Connection Publishing Issue – Blogsy would crash after the post was published.

2. IBM Connections Set Up Problem – Blogsy would add extra community blogs when setting up an IBM Connections account.

3. Page delete – Blogsy would crash if you tried to delete a page from the online page list.

4. Account editing – Blogsy would crash if you tapped on “Save” two times in a row in the WordPress account editing menu.

5.  Renamed xmlrpc.php problem – If a users had a renamed xmlrpc file but their blog was not sending back the correct xmlrpc URL then Blogsy would not set up their account.

6. Blogger Page Issue – If a user had started a Page in Blogsy then saved it as a local draft, when they opened it again it would be changed to a post instead of remembering that it was a page.

7. WordPress Space Issue – If you opened a WordPress post which had lists in it then the space between list items would increase.

8. Block Quote Formatting – If you tried to eliminate  bolding or italicizing of the block quote the bold or italic would come back.

9. Placeholder text – Was missing in the tag and category selecting views for some platforms.

10. Flickr Link URL – If a user’s Flickr ID and username were different then the image link URL would be incorrect.

11. Bookmark Managing – If you deleted the last bookmark Blogsy would crash.

12. Dock Managing – You could drag a dock item below the “Add” item in the list when managing the dock items.

13. Picasa Username – Blogsy would show the number Picasa was sending back as the username instead of the displayed username.

14. Side Switching Button – The button in the dock used to switch between the Rich Side and HTML Side would disappear sometimes.

15. Flickr API Change – Flickr changed their API so this caused Blogsy to pull in images at 240 pixels wide instead of 500 pixels.

16. YouTube and <div> Tag Setting – If you had set your paragraph mode to <div> and dragged in a YouTube video and used the old video embed code then all blog content would get erased and replaced by the term “Undefined”.

17. Google Authorization – Google changed their authorization URL which caused a constant processing message in Blogsy when setting up a Google service.

18. Picasa API Change – Picasa changed their system so the default URL now sends you to the 512 pixel size of your image. We now fetch the original image size and add the appropriate code to the URL so the image links to the full size image.

19. Other minor bug fixes.


Wow, is this the season for changing APIs?

Picasa has made a change to their API so if you use the default link then it links to a 512 pixel image. We are trying to see how we can override this and our solution will be in the next update. Here is a link to the information about Picasa changing their API – http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/#!category-topic/picasa/picasa-web-albums/wZV0xr1_9LI

In the meantime you will have to manually make a change to the link if you want to link to a larger size image. You can do this by flipping to the HTML Side in Blogsy and adding a little size information to the link URL.

Here is a typical image embed code taken from the HTML Side in Blogsy.

<div style=”clear: both; text-align: none;”><a href=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” target=”_blank” style=””><img src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s500/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” id=”blogsy-1332315923052.459″ alt=”” width=”500″ height=”375″></a></div>

The first link in this embed code is the image link. This is what will load if someone clicks on the image. And you can see that it is using the URL to the original image. But Picasa now directs this URL to the 512 pixel image.


This second link in the embed code is what is used for the display image. You want this to be as small as possible but larger than the display dimensions you choose. This way your blog will load quicker. You don’t need to make any changes to this. Blogsy changes this dynamically based on the display size you choose in the Image Menu.

Notice the “s500/” in the display URL?

What you need to do is add a similar code to the link URL. It has to be in the same location as the “s500” or it won’t work.

It should look like this. (I used s1000/ but you can use any size you want up to the size of the original image.)


So after adding the “s1000/ to your embed code it will look like this.

<div style=”clear: both; text-align: none;”><a href=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s1000/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” target=”_blank” style=””><img src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-fDGXkSmL2hI/T2mG9CUsZ_I/AAAAAAAAAnI/Dh5CnoY6OUA/s500/Photo%252520Mar%25252021%25252C%2525202012%2525204%25253A44%252520PM.jpg” id=”blogsy-1332315923052.459″ alt=”” width=”500″ height=”375″></a></div>

It also looks like Blogger is changing the way they handle images. It seems that the default action if you click on an image is now to open a slideshow. Possibly your blog theme will override this default actions.


Because Google changed their authorization URL Blogsy shows a “Please Wait…” message when trying to set up a Google service (Blogger, Picasa, YouTube).

If you see this you can just ignore it and sign in to set up your account. It will go away after you account it set up and you tap on one of the dock items.

If you cancel setting up your account then this “Please Wait…” message will continue showing and you can’t cancel it. In this case you need to close Blogsy and open the multitask bar on your iPad and delete Blogsy from there. Then you can launch Blogsy again and that message will be gone.

We already have this fixed and it will be in our next update.