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The man, the artist, the Brad.

June 13th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Fun | Out in the Wild - (2 Comments)

Blogsy has some of the coolest users. And it has been so cool getting to know many of them.

Brad is one such Blogsy user. He first emailed me asking if Blogsy would support Squarespace. I told him that we were looking into adding it (expect it soon) and that was the beginning of our emails.

Brad started showing me some of the graphics he draws and they blew me away. I wish I had even a smidgen of the talent he has. I mentioned how cool I thought his stuff was and how amazing it was that he did it all on the iPad. And to my surprise he drew up some stuff about Blogsy.

Brad drew this for our current version of Blogsy – Dragon.

This is a schematics drawing of Blogsy he just got started with. I don’t know if he’s ever going to be able to finish it because it’s not easy to lay out all the features Blogsy has. But the start of it is amazingly cool so I wanted to put it here too.

And If you haven’t noticed already, the keys on the typewriter in our icon say, “Live Long and Prosper”. Yep, we are that geeky. Brad took this and made this cool Spock graphic.
This one doesn’t have anything to do with Blogsy but I thought it was so cool I decided to add it too.

Make sure you check out his other stuff on his site www.saysbrad.com and like his page on Facebook (Says-Brad).

Thanks for drawing these Brad! I can’t wait to see what amazing graphics you will come up with next.


A Walk of a Lifetime!

May 5th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Out in the Wild - (0 Comments)

One cool thing about us developing Blogsy is that we get to communicate with all these amazing bloggers. When we set out to develop Blogsy that never even crossed our minds. It’s kind of like our own little special Stumble Upon but even better because we get to communicate with the people behind the blogs. I’d be pretty selfish of us to keep these cool blogs a secret so I thought I’d share some of them. Yes, I have asked the bloggers if I could write about their blogs. And we’d love to hear about your blog too so leave a comment or send us an email and tell us all about your blog.

Nancy reached out to me with some questions about how Blogsy works. In our emails back and forth she said she was preparing for a 1000 mile walk. Yep, you read that right, her blog covers the Camino de Santiago walk from Le Puy, France to Muxia, Spain she and her husband are enjoying. They are now around 12 days into their walk and their blog covers all the cool things they see, people they meet and events that happen along the way. I think this is amazing and I have added it to my bucket list.



I got a Facebook post the other day from Beth with a link to a post about how she is preparing for her trip to Italy. She wants to be able to blog about her trip along the way. And I assume she wants it to be as simple as possible so she can focus on experiencing Italy instead of spending all of her time writing about it.

I think her setup is so cool so I decided to do this blog post.

Basically she bought an Eye-Fi card for her DSLR. Then she set it up to automatically upload the images from her DSLR to Flickr by using the Eye-Fi card and an app (she let me know it works for Picasa also). When she is ready to blog she launches Blogsy and all her pictures are already on Flickr and she can easily drag them into a blog post, write what she wants and publish the post. Now I think that’s pretty quick and easy.

Thanks to Beth I decided to order my own Eye-fi and do the same setup. I can’t wait!

You can check out Beth’s blog and her post about her setup here – http://italyandme.com/2012/02/04/per-trip-log-testing-the-ipad/

If you want to learn more about Eye-Fi cards you can go here – http://www.eye.fi/

And here is a very cool video I saw showing the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card in Direct Mode.




There was a bunch of buzz going around about using Blogsy in the education field so I really wanted to do a ‘Blogsy – Out in the Wild’ blog post. It was cool getting all the emails from teachers talking about how they were using Blogsy in the classroom or in a school environment. And the steady stream of tweets on Twitter about it were fun to read. There were a couple of reviews specifically written for teachers and I think they were the reason for the buzz. The first one was a good blog post done by Edublogs comparing Blogsy to other iPad blogging apps and the second one was a blog post about Blogsy on iAppsForTeachers.



I thought I would start a “Blogsy out in the Wild!” series of posts. We are really interested in seeing how people are using Blogsy. If you have a story to share about how you are using Blogsy then please email us at info(at)fomola.com. Also, let us know if it is okay to use your name and blog URL in the post.

Here is the first one in the series. It is so motivating to read something like this and makes us feel like all of our hard work is worth it.