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Blogsy 4.2.8 has been submitted to Apple for review

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Bugs | Flickr | Improve | iPad | SquareSpace | Update

This is our latest update to fix a bug and to update a few things.

But before I get into the details of what is in this update I need to ask for feedback. According to the reviews in the App Store some people had some problems after our last update. We do a thorough testing before we submit an update and we would never submit an update if we were having any problems in our testing. So we really need people that have a problem to email us (info@fomola.com) and let us know the problem. We need the details so we can try to reproduce it and figure it out. Unfortunately Apple does not provide us with any way to contact the people leaving the review in the App Store so we can't contact them for details. And we are not having any problems here so there is nothing for us to look into or test.

I would also like to ask people to take a few minutes to leave a review. These reviews are the most important factor in determining sales for an app. If mainly the people that are leaving reviews are the ones having a problem then the sales plummet and we have trouble paying our bills. Sorry for being so direct about this but we have reached a critical stage.

Now, on to a happier subject. The following is what can be found in this update.

1) Flickr orientation update: As I talked about in a previous post, Flickr changed their API and this caused images that are in portrait orientation to be sized based on landscape orientation in Blogsy. We have figured out a way to program around this Flickr API change so this update fixes that.

2) TextExpander update: Apple forced TextExpander to make changes to their programming. The results of that are that all apps using TextExpander have to be updated. This only effects iOS7 users. In Blogsy you will now find a “Refresh TextExpander Snippets” button in the Settings menu. Settings -> General Settings -> Refresh TextExpander Snippets.

3) Squarespace 5 bug: Blogsy would crash the first time you tried to update a post to your blog. This is fixed.

4) Translation update: Two French words were incorrectly translated.



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  • On the App Store writing a review I noticed a 1 star review that claimed Blogsy doesn’t work, junk. Is there anything users can do about such nonsense? Here is my ***** review just posted:

    Blogsy has enabled the iPad as a blogging platform for serious work. The app shows the design thinking typical of developers who are solving a problem that they care about. “Dogfooding” produces some of the very best apps — Blogsy is one of those. I started using Blogsy over a year ago on iPad 2 – performance has been quite satisfactory, and of course is very snappy on my iPad Air.

    I require support for the other critical parts of my blogging ecosystem – Blogsy supports all of my key apps and protocols:

    Drafts (send to Blogsy via URL Scheme)
    Text Expander

    Blogsy’s image support is superior to MarsEdit, our customary blogging tool on OS X. Images can be sourced from the the iPad photo library, or cloud services including Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Vimeo and the WordPress media library.

    You can drag and drop images displayed from most websites in the integrated Blogsy browser window. In particular there is a nice interface for searching for images in the common locations like Google Image Search, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube or Vimeo.

    Blogsy has about the smoothest image handling I’ve used. You don’t have to write HTML to have your text flow properly around your embedded images. E.g., the image insertion/editing interface supports the essential annotated thumbnail which links to any URL, in particular to the full size image or gallery of images. All the image alignment options are supported. Slick.

    Blogsy supports every blogging platform I can think of – quite amazing really.

    Download Blogsy – you’ll like it.

  • Duane says:

    The video shows how to see preview, but those buttons do not show up when I go into post settings. Have they been moved somewhere?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Duane,

      I am not sure what buttons you are referring to. If you could give more detail that would be helpful.

      The Rich Side in Blogsy should show what your post will look like when it is published. But if you would like to preview it on your blog then the post needs to be uploaded to your blog (this is the case will all apps). To do this go into the Post Info. menu and set it as a draft then post it to your blog as a draft. If you want to continue working on it then choose “Post & Keep Local Draft” in the posting menu. After it has been uploaded to your blog then in the confirmation message you will get the option to “view” the post. Tap on this and it will open the post in Blogsy’s built-in browser to preview it. After that, once you are done editing your post and wish to publish it just change it from draft to published in the Post Info. menu and update the post to your blog and this will publish it.

      Not all blogging platform’s APIs allow Blogsy to sign into the blog to preview the draft post though. So if you are using Blogger, for example, then you will not get the option to do this. But if you are using WordPress then you will get the option.


  • Adam says:

    App keeps crashing while I’m trying to post a post. Help!

    • Lance says:

      Hello Adam,

      I got your email and answered your email about this. It sounds like there is something in the HTML which is causing a problem in the parser. We will get this figured out for you. I have several questions in the email and some things to try.


  • Chris says:

    I understood Blogy can not batch upload photos to your media library, is that correct with the latest version? Did is a hard requirement for me.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for the comment.

      I am not sure where you heard/read this. Yes, Blogsy uploads photos to the blog’s media library or Picasa or Flickr. This is either done in the direct method (uploaded when you publish your post) or in the Envelope method (you upload the photos you want independent of a blog post). In our testing we know that there is a memory issue if you try to upload more than 45 photos at a time (depending on what the images were taken with and what size they are). So I would suggest you upload no more than 40 at a time until we can get that figured out.

      Please watch our how-to videos (http://blogsyapp.com/how-to/) to see how this uploading works.

      If you have any other question just email me at info@fomola.com


  • morry says:

    Hi, is there a known issue about the App keeps on cushing ?

    Sometimes I manage to post but when something goes wrong, Blogsy easily crushes and the posting fails.

    Bad thing is that once this happens, it is impossible to even start Blogsy once again as long as wi-fi or mobile network is on.
    What I have found is that if I turn wi-fi or mobile network off by using aircraft model, it opens… then switching it on will again let the App crush !

    It seems I am getting this after updating to the newest iOS. There are also others claiming the same.

    Hopefully you know something about this.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Morry,

      Thank you for the comment.

      We are aware of two situations where Blogsy will crash. 1) If a user tries to add more than 45 pictures to a post. This leads to a memory usage issue on the iPad and causes Blogsy to crash. 2) If something is copied and pasted into Blogsy from another app or website and the code behind it is not correct the this causes a conflict in Blogsy’s parser and makes it crash.

      I have never heard about being able to open of airplane mode but it crashing when you have a wifi connection. This sounds like there is an issue with being able to fetch something from the web to be able to display in the post in Blogsy.

      Can you do a couple of things and email me at info@fomola.com?
      1) Flip to the HTML Side for the post you are working on and copy all the HTML and email it to me?
      2) Can you start a new post through “+” -> “New Post”. Then give this new post a title, type a little text in the body and drag in a photo from your iPad photo library. Now in the Post Info. menu set is as a draft so visitors to your blog won’t see it and post it to your blog. Does Blogsy still crash? I am trying to determine if the problem is post specific or not.


      • Morry says:

        Hello Lance, thank you for your comment.

        Please wait until I face the same incident as I am actually unable to reproduce same situation intentionally.

        It did happen twice to surprise me, and every time I had to reinstall the App.

        If I am not sending e-mail to you, please consider the things are OK – in that case there should have been something really strange going on in my iPad.

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