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January 14th, 2013 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Bugs | Improve | iPad | Tumblr | Update

This is just a quick update with a few fixes for things users found.

Bug Fixes

1) Tumblr – If you fetched a post from your Tumblr blog that had tags and you had the “Posted with Blogsy” footer turned on in Blogsy then your blog post content would not be shown. Fixed.

2) Tumblr – If you tried to publish a Photo type post then you could receive an error message when trying to publish. Fixed.

3) IBM Connections Blog and Naver Blog – After you published a post the blog would send back an error code even though the post had published. This has to do with a string type tag missing in the response data and Blogsy not accounting for that. Fixed.

4) Settings Menu – In the blog and service setup menus if you tapped on “Edit” then scrolled the menu the “Delete All Accounts” button could disappear. Fixed.


1) Dutch Language Support



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