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Blogsy 4.1.5 is now in the App Store

December 31st, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Features | Improve | iPad | Platforms | Update | User Requests

Blogsy 4.1.5 is now in the App Store.

This is what can be found in this update.

[Bug Fixes]

1. Photo Library – Fixed a crashing problem if you’re running pre iOS 5.1 and try to access the iPad photo library.

2. WordPress – If your blog did not have the title set then Blogsy would not set up the media library.

3. Link Setting – If your link URL had a space in front of the URL Blogsy would crash.

4. Naver Blogs – Blogsy would show an error report popup when Naver blog users tried to publish a post which had unicode data in it.


1. Show “Can’t Use Emoji” message when you’re trying to use the Emoji keyboard. Blogs don’t recognize the iOS Emoji code so they delete post content after the Emoji in a post.

2. MovableType – support multiple category setting and fetching.

3. Blogger – Blogger chooses to us a tag instead of the standard

tag. For Blogsy to conform with this the post is parsed and

tags are converted to two tags and

tags are converted to a single tag when publishing. Now there is an option in the Settings menu to turn off this parsing and converting.


1. Memory usage improvement for using photos in the iPad photo library.


1. WordPress – Blogsy no longer publishes a post as “Standard” if the post format is not set. Instead Blogsy sends empty post format information and WordPress will set it to “Standard” itself. This means there will no longer be a second “Standard” post format created and a listing of your posts in the WP-Admin will no longer show “Standard”.


1. Critercism library to 3.4.0



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