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November 1st, 2012 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Improve | Update

These are the things which can be found in this update.

Bug Fixes

  1. WordPress – Geolocation locality no longer shows as “null” in the Geotagging section.
  2. WordPress – If the value type of the Featured Image ID was a number instead of a string then Blogsy would crash. Fixed.
  3. Blogger – The <br> tag in a <div> tag would get stripped out in a post fetched from the blog. Fixed.
  4. Tumblr, Posterous – Corrected text in the photo attachment box to reflect when it is possible to drag in photos to attach them to a post.
  5. Picasa – Blogsy now uses the longer image dimension to set the Picasa image display size source.
  6. Instagram – If a user had their Instagram account set to private Blogsy would crash when trying to drag in an image from Instagram. Fixed.
  7. Typepad – If a post was created in the HTML view in the Typepad admin and a user hit enter (creating a new line) when writing that post then Blogsy would treat this as a new paragraph even though Typepad did not. Blogsy now treats it the same way as Typepad and collapses those.
  8. Cannon CR2 RAW photos – If a user had imported Cannon CR2 images and there were more than 6 of those images in an album Blogsy would crash when accessing that album. Fixed.
  9. HTML / Photo Uploads – If the HTML sent from the iPad for embedded images was different than the typical HTML Blogsy would publish is as that HTML instead of first uploading the images. Fixed
  10. Link Button – If a user selected more than one word to create a link the “Link” option would not appear in the text selection bubble. Fixed.
  11. HTML / Lists – The placement of  </ul> and </lo> in the HTML code would be incorrect in some situations. Fixed.
  12. Delete Button – The “Delete” button in the Image, Video, and Link Settings menus would move when scrolling the menu up and down. Fixed.

Function Changes

  1. Accessing iPad Photo Library – Improved memory usage so loading speeds are greatly improved.
  2. iPad Photo Library – Changed default setting so Blogsy will open to direct drag in method instead of envelope view after first installing Blogsy.
  3. Tumblr, Posterous – When a user is working on a Tumblr photo post or a Posterous post then Blogsy will default open to the envelope view when tapping on the iPad Photo Library. This is done because Tumblr and Posterous have the option to attach images to a post but do not have the option to embed photos from the iPad Photo library and have the embedded photos uploaded at the time of publishing.
  4. Translation – Updated translation for all languages.

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6 Responses

  • Andre says:

    Obrigado, baixar as fotos direto da biblioteca do iPad sem ter que usar o envelope foi uma melhora espetacular! Parabéns – indico seu aplicativo a todos colaboradores e leitores do blog

    • Lance says:

      Olá André,

      Muito obrigado pelo comentário. Estamos felizes em saber que você está gostando Blogsy e obrigado por recomendar a seus leitores. Por favor, certifique-se de verificar os nossos vídeos explicativos no menu Configurações. E se você tem alguma dúvida ou precisa de ajuda, de alguma forma, por favor envie um email para info(at)fomola(dot).

      Blogging feliz,

      Hello Andre,

      Thank you very much for the comment. We’re happy to hear you are liking Blogsy and thank you for recommending it to your readers. Please make sure to check out our how-to videos in the Settings menu. And if you have any questions or need help in some way please email us at info(at)fomola(dot)com.

      Happy Blogging,

  • Mark says:


    I keeping getting the error “Request Failed” when trying to post to blogger. However it is not all of the time, sometimes the post will work. This seems to be different to the problem described on your FAQ page.

    Any ideas?


    • Lance says:

      Hello Mark,

      Thanks for the comment.

      This sounds like some poor internet connection problem. Are you getting the message when Blogsy is trying to upload the images or when it is trying to publish the post? If it is during the upload images stage then this would mean there is some problem with the connection to Picasa (I am guessing you are using this because you use Blogger and Google chooses to use Picasa as a blog’s media library.)

      The problem in figuring it out is that you say it doesn’t happen all the time. Can you find any correlation between when you get this error and something else. For example, do you change wifi routers and it happens on some wifi routers but not others?

      It’s probably better if we do this through email so please email me with your answers. info(at)fomola(dot)com.


  • Teme says:

    I am new with Blogsy and I have problem with Featured images. When I publish page with Featured image it does not appear to page? Is this wp theme issue?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Teme,

      Yes, this is a theme issue or possibly a plugin problem if you have a self-hosted WP blog.

      Please update to the latest version of Blogsy. We work very hard on Blogsy and sales barely pay our bills.

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