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Blogsy 4.1.3 can now be found in the App Store.

October 4th, 2012 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Improve | Update

Blogsy 4.1.3 can now be found in the App Store. We have already started working on Blogsy 4.1.4 and have an Instagram fix in it if your Instagram account is set to private. If you are having any problem with Blogsy which is not fixed in this update (Blogsy 4.1.3) please email me so we can get it fixed and make it part of Blogsy 4.1.4. You can email us at info@fomola.com.

Blogsy 4.1.3 update

 New Features/Changes –

  1. Set Date – now MetaWeblog, Drupal and Joomla users can set the date of a post.
  2. Clear Browser Cache – added a new option in the Settings menu to clear the Browser cache. The reason behind this is that Apple changed the way YouTube is integrated in iOS6.  That caused Blogsy’s how-to videos to not play correctly. We fixed this problem but if users had already played a how-to video prior to our fix they would continue to have the problem. The only way to overcome that problem would be to clear the browser cache but there was no way to do that in Blogsy.
  3. UTC Time – for MetaWeblog posting Blogsy will now use the UTC time. This should overcome the issue some users have with a time difference when posting.

 Bug Fixes –

  1. Tumblr – Fixed “Not Authorized” error message. You would get a “Not Authorized” error message if you tried to publish a Tumblr post with multiple photos and multiple tags.
  2. Joomla – Fixed “Featured” article setting bug. You would need to set “Featured” on or on and off once after first updating or Blogsy would crash when trying to publish to Joomla.
  3. Link option in popup bubble didn’t always appear – fixed the “Link” option disappearing from the option bubble when selecting text. This was an issue for iOS6 users.
  4. Link Menu off screen – If a word was chosen toward the right boarder of the post and the “Link” option was chosen in the popup bubble the menu would open off screen. This was an issue for iOS6 users.
  5. Link Menu issuesProblem with doubling text and the placeholder text not disappearing when user typed in their own URL.
  6. Translation – Version name and number were not correct for Russian and Chinese users.

Blogsy 4.1.2 update

WordPress,  TypePad, SquareSpace and MetaWeblog – Now you can turn off category fetching in the Settings menu. If you turn off category fetching then Blogsy will remember and display the categories you have fetched in the past and will only fetch again if you tap on the fetch button. This is the same as the tag setting which has been in Blogsy for some time now. This means you no longer have to wait for Blogsy to fetch your categories every time you go to set them for a blog post.

Picasa – When Blogsy creates a Picasa folder to upload to it will be set to private. If you want to change it to public on Picasa you can do this without it effecting the photos in your blog posts.

TypePad and Movable Type – Blogsy will remember the comment setting you used for your last post when you start a new post.

Joomla – Now you can schedule Joomla posts. (for Joomla version 1.6 or later)

Joomla – Now you can set if a post is featured or not. (for Joomla version 1.6 or later)

WordPress – Improved uploading code so you are less likely to get a “Failed” message when trying to upload images.

SquareSpace and Joomla – These platforms send back a relative URLs for images so Blogsy would show that the images can’t be displayed when dragging them in after uploading images to their media libraries. Blogsy will now parse and construct the full URL to the root to override this so the images will be displayed on the Rich Side.

SquareSpace – If you used a more tag in a SquareSpace post all paragraphs after the more tag would get stripped out by SquareSpace. Now Blogsy will strip out the more tag before publishing so SquareSpace does not strip out the paragraphs.

Flickr – Improved uploading code.

Bug Fixes –

WordPress –

  • If you had set an image caption in the wp-admin when writing a post then fetched the post into Blogsy the paragraphs after that image would get stripped out unless there was a tag besides <p> or <div> after it.
  • If you didn’t have any photos in your WordPress media library yet but tried to set the featured image for a post Blogsy would crash.
  • If your image embed code had a opening tag without the appropriate closing tag Blogsy would crash.
  • If you had set a WordPress post to “sticky” then Blogsy had been cleared from memory the “sticky” setting would be turned off.
  • At the time of setup Blogsy will determine if the blog is running WordPress 3.4 or later so the featured image of a post will appear in the Post Info. menu if the first thing you do in Blogsy is fetch an online post.

iPad Photo Library – If you had imported a RAW only photo to your iPad using the Apple Camera Kit. Then used the photo editing features of the Photos app to enhance that image. When you tried to drag that image into an envelope or post Blogsy would crash.

Joomla – If the Joomla blog sent back an error code at the time of publishing the “publishing…” message would still appear.

Blogsy 4.1.1 Update

Feature changes –

1) Wrap raw text with paragraph tags(p or div) when swipe to Rich Side. – Now, even if you don’t type the p or div tags when writing on the HTML Side Blogsy will automatically add them when you swipe to the Rich Side.

2) Added hidden HTML formatting – This will make the HTML easier to read if you go to your WordPress admin and look in the HTML view.

3) Remember last Tumblr Markdown setting – Now if a user sets Markdown to “on” or “off” it will be set the same way the next time they start a new post.

4) Remember last Comments setting – Now if a user sets comments to “on” or “off” it will be set the same way the next time they start a new post.

5) iPad won’t go to sleep when uploading – The iPad will not go to sleep while images are being uploaded.

6) Showing Picasa username as title on uploading location – In the post confirmation popup it will show the username if you have chosen Picasa as the photo upload location.

7) Add Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo to the default services on the dock – New users will see all services Blogsy supports in the dock when they first install Blogsy. They can remove ones they don’t want to use through the Settings menu.

8) MovableType multiple users – Now multiple users on the same blog can be set up.

Bug fixes –

1) WordPress – SelfHosted : Invalid Attachment ID problem fixed.

2) Tumblr – Blogsy would crash on the first attempt to publish a Tumblr photo post.

3) Tumblr – Would get an error if trying to post a Tumblr photo post with more than one image attached.

4) SquareSpace – Couldn’t fetch uploaded images to display in the Rich Side if the blog was using a custom domain

5) Method Type (null) and incorrect platform information in error code reports.

6) Added br tags in lists – Blogsy would add br tags when fetching posts with ordered or unordered lists. If users published from the HTML side these br tags would be added to their published posts.

7) Formatting iframe bug – Formatting buttons didn’t work if a post had an iframe object in it.

8) White background problem in toolbar icon – At the far right of the formatting toolbar white corners can be seen on iPad 1 and iPad 2.

9) Browser not opening problem fixed.

10) Empty rich side issue fixed.

11) Prevent Javascript parsing crash.

12) Direct embed paper/envelope toggle button disappearing fixed.

13) Browser home button URL not saving if it has http fixed.

14) Photo library full image preview crash fixed.

15) Direct image drag in portrait image dimension problem fixed.


Blogsy 4.1 (Cerberus)

Cerberus (Blogsy 4.1) brings three big new features.


1) Offline/Direct adding of photos from the iPad photo library – Yep, we finally figured out how to make it possible to add photos from the iPad Photo library to a post without having to upload the images first. This also means that you will be able to add photos to a post when you are offline. We will have a how-to video up later today showing how this new feature works.

2) Facebook integration – That’s right, now you can drag in photos from your Facebook account to your blog posts. This means you can easily blog about photos on your Facebook account and also photos you have been tagged in. Also, Blogsy now give you the ability to upload photos to your Facebook account with. This way you wont have to have the same photo on Facebook and also in your blog media library. Photos that you upload with Blogsy to your Facebook account will not be added to your timeline. If you want them to be added to your timeline then you can go to your Facebook account in a desktop browser and add them to your timeline.

If you are a current Blogsy user and want to add Facebook go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> Add A New Item -> Then tap on Facebook. This will add it to the dock in Blogsy and you can set up your Facebook account.

3) Featured Image – Yes, Blogsy already had Featured Image support. But that required you to make some changes to the PHP files on your server. Now, if you are running WordPress 3.4 or later then Blogsy will detect that and you won’t have to make those PHP file changes. This also means that WordPress.com users will now be able to set the Featured Image with Blogsy.

[Bugs Fixed]

1) If users tried to post with custom fields that included location data the user manually put in, Blogsy would crash.

2) Metaweblog conflict – If a user had a TypePad, Joomla or SquareSpace blog set up then would try to set up a metaweblog blog Blogsy would crash.

3) In certain circumstances Blogsy would crash when uploading images to a Drupal media library.

4) Metaweblog blogs – incorrect date type problem when trying to post or update.

5) Joomla blogs – some servers required a specific URL to the xmlrpc file.

5) XMLRPC blogs – Blogsy won’t clear a post if an error occurs while posting or updating a post.

6) NAVER blogs – Blogsy would always publish the post as private.

7) Browser button – Infrequently, Blogsy would crash when tappong the browser button in the dock.


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11 Responses

  • Always better and better and better. I love Blogsy.

  • A feature request: Would it be possible to let us change the default status of new posts (to draft and pending as well as published)? I always want to put them in draft, and so always need to change them manually.

    Thanks for a great app,


    • Lance says:

      Hello Harry,

      Thank you for the feature request and the nice words about Blogsy.

      We will add it to our Possible Future Features list. I can’t make any promises but we will talk about it.

      Happy Blogging,

  • Antonio says:

    Dear Lance,
    As I have told you previously in private messages, you are the only reason why I still keep my old iPad after having moved to the better (imho) Android system.
    Do you have in mind the feature to download pictures directly to WordPress from Dropbox?
    Regards and congratulations once again for this awesome application.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Antonio,

      Thanks for the comment and the question. And thank you very much for your nice words about Blogsy.

      It is not possible to go directly from Dropbox to WordPress. The images have to first be saved to the iPad photo library and this is why we have not added this to Blogsy. We know that if we add the ability to access Dropbox from within Blogsy and first save the images to the iPad photo library then would would get a lot of complaints that they have to save the images to the iPad photo library first.


  • Dusty says:

    Hi Lance, thank you for this great app that makes blogging easier on the iPad than on a PC.
    However recently I ran into a strange problem. I’m running iOS 5.1, and whenever I try to add alt text to a picture, after typing and exiting the image options menu, the app freezes and then crashes. On re-opening the app, it freezes at a page telling me to view the video about the new update. There would be no response wherever I tap.
    So far the only solution I have found to escape this freeze is to uninstall the whole app and then reinstall.
    Please kindly look into this problem. I love Blogsy!

    • Lance says:

      Hello Dusty,

      Thank you for your comment and information.

      We have not heard of this problem so we need more information. Can you tell us exactly what you are writing in the alt text field so we can test it locally? And there is the possibility that it is photo related and not alt text related so we need as much information about that photo as possible. Is it already uploaded or from the iPad photo library? Did you upload it or is it from some internet site or one of Blogsy’s supported services (Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Instagram)? Any other information you could provide would be helpful.


      • Dusty says:

        Hi Lance, thanks for the prompt reply.

        I ran a few more test runs myself too and I think I have some idea where the problem lies; I am only able to reproduce the problem in one specific blog post of mine.
        It is a post that I started on blogger and continued in Blogsy. It’s a somewhat long post with a mix of Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese (word count over 600), with some basic styling like bold, underlined and italics, a few external links and a few hot linked pictures.
        When i initially found the problem, I uploaded a picture from the camera roll of my iPad photo library to Picasa with Blogsy, then dragged from the Picasa photo album (which I have done a lot of times), then typed “Dusty @ Kinki & Wakayama” in the alt text, and then the app crashed as described.

        Later in my test runs, I noticed that no matter which picture I tried to edit (uploaded or hot linked), and no matter what I type in the alt text box (including leaving it blank i.e. open and close the menu) the same problem would occur. Also I notice that before it crashes, the text styling got messed up with nearly all the text turned into italics and underlined.
        When editing links, it does not crash, but became extremely laggy after closing the menu, and the text styling gets messed up as well. If I switch to another app during the lag and try to return to Blogsy, it gives me the untappable “view our video about the new update” notification again.

        I tried to reproduce the problem on my other blog posts that are much shorter (but also a mix of English Chinese and Japanese), with the same and then different pictures, with the same and then different alt text. I didn’t get a crash; just a bit of lag. However, I’m able to reproduce the problem with a lengthy bunch of text in different languages with styling.

        So, I suspect the problem lies with too many Chinese characters and/or text styling; but now I’m just avoiding that particular post, and my other posts are working fine so I’m happy enough.

  • Kat says:

    I love this app and have been using it for a year now but really need to find out if something is wrong as the last 2 posts I have made have not automatically linked to my FB page. What can I check as I think I have checked everything and how can I fix it urgently.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Kat,

      Thank you for the comment and your nice words.

      Blogsy has no control over the FB posting. This is done on the server side. Depending on the blogging platform you are using this is normally done through a plugin or widget. There is a possibility that the plugin/widget settings have changed. Or possibly there was an update of the plugin/widget and it is not being triggered any longer if the post is published through the API. You may consider trying a different plugin/widget and seeing if that resolves your problem.


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