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May 18th, 2012 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | Bugs | Error | Flickr | Update

Just a small update to fix a few rare case problems. Plus one feature we are very excited about.


  1. Resolved Flickr uploading “failed” message when a users has a large number of photo sets. For those having this problem you will need to use a different app to upload your images until this update is in the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Resolved the Blogger post fetching formatting loss problem. If a post was created with another app or on the Blogger site then loaded into Blogsy and saved locally, then the user tried to fetch the same post again from the site the post in Blogsy would lose formatting. Until this update is out you will need to first delete the local draft before fetching the online post again.
  3. Resolved WordPress media library crash when there are unidentifiable files in the library. We found that one user had migrated their site from Blogger to WordPress and in this process unidentifiable files were created in the WordPress media library. If you delete the unidentifiable files from your WordPress media library this problem will be solved for you and you don’t need to wait for this update to come out.


  1. If a blog sends back an error code Blogsy will display an error message. Now there will be an option in the error message to send us an email with the error code the blog is sending back. This will help us help users identify the problem with their blog quicker.

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  • Travis says:

    Any future plans for iPhone support. That would be great

    • Lance says:

      Hello Travis,

      We haven’t made any solid plans about whether we will make an iPhone version of Blogsy or not. Our thinking is that there are many blogging apps for the iPhone. And we are guessing that if someone is blogging using their iPhone then they just want to do a quick post with an image they just took. This would mean that most people don’t really need all the power and features of Blogsy on their iPhone.

      Thanks for asking!

  • John says:

    This update seems to break the authorization link between blogger and blogsy. I have deleted my blog from blogger and re-set it up a few times now, doing the auth again. No joy :( just keeps telling me blogsy has lost its authorization and to re-set it up again. Could someone please look into this as soon as possible, because I am locked out! :)

    • Lance says:

      Hello John,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Can you try the following?

      Go to Settings -> Service Settings -> Blogger -> Edit -> Then tap on “Delete All Accounts”. This works differently than just deleting a the blog.

      Please let us know your results.

      • Empressbat says:

        I am having the issue of losing authorisation between blogsy and blogspot everytime i open the app. Which means everytime i want to blog with it i have to delete my settings then redo them. Its becoming very annoying.

        This app is brilliant except for that vexing bug

        • Lance says:

          Hello Empressbat,

          Thank you for the comment.

          In our last update we added a new “Edit” and “Delete All Accounts” option in the setup section in Blogsy. This works differently than just deleting a blog directly. Doing it this way should solve your problem.
          1) Go to the Settings menu -> Service Settings -> Blogger
          2) Tap on “Edit” in the top right corner of the menu
          3) Tap on “Delete All Accounts”
          4) Set up your account again.

          Are you continuing to get that message after doing this? If so then there is something else going on so please email me and we will figure it out.


  • bmw says:

    Weirdness: Setting up a blogger account with Blogsy on iPad

    There are some requirements that you do not mention in your video?

    First: how come you/they do not check that I actually understand the language native to the country from which I connect? In Denmark, we have lots of foreigners working, and giving unintelligble information in an unknown language is, basically, offending.

    So. It turns out I am a native Dane and understand the words in the message.

    I am trying to associate Blogsy to my blogger account. I have reviewed your instruction video.
    I go ahead. Then I see something unexpected:

    Blogsy anmoder om tilladelse til at:
    Vis grundlæggende oplysninger om din konto
    Vis dit navn, webadressen til din offentlige profil og dit foto Vis dit køn og din fødselsdato Vis dit land, dit sprog og din tidszone
    Administrer din Blogger-konto
    Vis og administrer dine indlæg og blogge i Blogger
    Vis og administrer dine kommentarer i Blogger
    Vis din e-mailadresse
    Vis den e-mailadresse, der er knyttet til din konto
    Tillad adgangNej tak

    So what/who on earth am I giving permission to (excerpt):
    Show basic information of my account??? To whom? Why?
    Show my name? GENDER? Date of birth??? Country, language, timezone….?
    Administer my blogger account? Meaning what? I’ll administer my account, thank you….
    Show email address associated to my account? Are you nuts?

    Or have the idiot translators gone to sleep?
    Please carefully translate for me the consequences of accepting these requirements.

    It seems to me that you – or really google?, is obstructing the use of your app to post on blog-accounts that are hosted by google – is that really so?

    I would dearly like to understand –
    I will not use my newly bought Blogsy before I get this resolved – which of course means that in a minute, I will feel cheated ….


    • Lance says:

      Hello BMW,

      Thank you for the comment.

      We have not translated Blogsy into Danish yet so this is a message you must be receiving from Google (Blogger). But I have no idea where you are seeing this.

      Blogsy goes through the Google sign-in and doesn’t have access to any information like that. With the Google accounts (Blogger, Picasa, YouTube) you don’t even put your username and password into Blogsy. You actually get a website (we show in the menu box) where you enter your username and password then Google allows Blogsy to communicate with your account.

      Can you take a screenshot of this message so I can see where you are seeing it?


  • david says:

    I’ve been experimenting with 3.4.3 for a few days and I am puzzled about the way Blogsy handles (or mishandles) my pictures. When I toggle between HTML and text view my “preview” images seem to disappear.

    Another instance where the preview images disappear is after a crash — just now I double tapped an image and then continued to hold my finger down and suddenly Blogsy “went away”. When it restarted it my post was still there, the HTML looks the same, but the images no longer appear in the post. They are clearly still there since If I double tap the space where the image used to be I get the “Image Settings” dialog and I can see the source location, but even resizing doesn’t cause the “preview” to return.

    Also if I go back to my Photo library I no longer see the Library/Uploaded tabs — I have to start all over uploading my images.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Lance says:

      Hello David,

      Thank you for the comment.

      1) I don’t know where you are pulling your photos from. Do you have them set to private or your blog set to private? The Rich Side in Blogsy is a webpage and so if images are set to private and the Rich Side refreshes (like a webpage) then Blogsy cannot fetch them to display them. If you flip to the HTML Side and back this refreshes the Rich Side. And if Blogsy happens to crash and you launch it again then this will cause the Rich Side to refresh. There is nothing we can do about this because iOS does not allow us to “Sign in” in the web view. But if you publish this post even though you don’t see those photos then people that can access your private blog or photos will see the photos fine.

      2) When you upload the first time the images will be in the location you have chosen (Flickr, Picasa, your blog media library) along with show in the upload panel. If Blogsy is cleared from memory and you come back the upload panel will no longer show the uploaded images. But if you go to the location where you uploaded them (Flickr, Picasa, your blog media library) in the dock then the pictures will be there. There is no need to upload them again.

      3) We just discovered the double-tap and hold crashing bug late last week. We have fixed this and the fix will be part of our next update.

      If my answers are not clear or if you have another question just let me know.


  • david says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply Lance. I am really impressed with Blogsy and I’m sure some of the issue’s I’m bumping into (other than the press-and-hold bug) are caused by being a total bloggin’ newbie!

    1) I’m not quite sure about the images being “private” — I don’t think I set that property in Blogsy, but I am hosting the blog on a password protected part of my website so maybe that is the issue.

    2) I also noticed that when I go to the media library for my blog ( WordPress button ) I only see grey thumbnails for the images that have already loaded on my site by Blogsy. I guessed that this was because Blogsy couldn’t authenticate to get access to the pictures, but I wasn’t sure.

    • Lance says:

      Hello David,

      I am happy to hear that you are liking Blogsy. Sorry to have to ask but hopefully you will have time to leave a review in the App Store when Blogsy asks. I can’t explain how important those are to us. Apps live and die by those reviews.

      1) Yes, that’s what I was explaining. Because your blog is private the Rich Side in Blogsy cannot fetch your pictures. Just like if someone goes to your blog in a browser they will not be able to see it unless they sign in. Blogsy’s Rich Side is a webpage and it is not signed into your account so it cannot fetch the images to display them. iOS gives us no way to allow signing in in the web view. You can notice that when you drag in a photo it never grabs the full resolution image. The image you are seeing is just the thumbnail stretched and you will see a little grey box in the middle showing it is fetching the full size image. If you publish it like this the post will be fine as we are just sending HTML and the HTML is all correct. As long as you see that grey processing box in the middle of your photos you will not be able to get to the Image Settings menu. You have to flip to the HTML Side and back then you will no longer see your photos but they are there (the HTML) and you can tap on them to get to the Image Settings menu.

      2) We haven’t heard of this before. But I am guessing that this is also related to your privacy setup. If you just have your blog set up as private then this will not happen. But you said you have your blog on a “password protected part of my website”. The only way for us to see the reason is for you to set us up as an author on your blog. info(at)fomola(dot)com


      • david says:

        Thanks for the update Lance — your comments make perfect sense to me and “yes”, I’ll be happy to leave a helpful review in the Apps store.

        Unfortunately my blog has to live in a password-protected section of my website for now. Blogsy (or something in iOS) asked me to authenticate when I first pointed Blogsy to the site and I guess I expected it authentication would be necessary each time I pushed content (posts, pictures, etc) up to the site. This doesn’t seem to be the case– does that mean that Blogsy actually has stored my authentication information? If so, it would be a nice to have an option for Blogsy to authenticate for “read” as well as “write” access when interacting with my site.

        I doubt many Blogsy users will share my obsession with privacy, but a more general concern is the lack of web/3G access when composing posts on the road. A more general solution to my dilemma (and also to the “off-line mode”) would be to give Blogsy users the option of composing posts using “local” content only. Then Blogsy could “fix” the links and push the content at the same time that the post is “published”. I’m sure there is more to it than I’m suggesting, but naively I imagine this would just be a simple text replacement/translation in the html file at the time the post is “published” to change the paths in the links from “local” paths the user selected when composing the post to the “final” paths on the server where the blog will reside.

        Having a feature like this would allow users like me (who don’t have 3G and only intermittent web access when traveling) to compose a post “off-line” while viewing the full content that resides locally on my iPad. Then once I’m back in wireless range I could upload the post and images at the same time and have the whole thing go live with the proper links.

        Does this make sense? If not, maybe you can help me figure out another way to compose a post that includes images or other content local to my machine without the need to access the web.



        • Lance says:

          Hello David,

          1) Maybe what you are suggesting is feasible but would take a considerable amount of time to figure out and do if even possible. Because of the way the price structure and update structure is in the App Store we have to focus our attention on the big issues. Sorry but we have to worry about paying our bills. I am sure that’s not what you want to hear but I’d rather give an honest answer than some pacifying marketing response.

          Also, the Rich Side is a webpage (web view) so it is functioning the same as someone visiting your site. We can’t do all the dragging and dropping and WYSIWYG in any other component than the web view.

          2) You can compose posts on the road without 3G or Wifi. The only thing you can’t do is add images or videos. We need the actual URL in order to do the WYSIWYG.

          3) And like I mentioned before, you can write up your posts and publish them with photos to your private blog without being able to actually see the photos in Blogsy. They will look fine on your blog once you sign in to your private blog.

          4) For publishing and fetching Blogsy stores your WordPress (different platforms are different) username and password in keychain. This is what Apple provides in the SDK and it encrypts this information. But the web view does not allow sign in in the web view as I mentioned so you can’t sign into your blog in this view.

  • Henry says:

    This is just a question, maybe a Feature request (as far as it’s possible to implement).
    As far as I know, an iOS-App can handle Screenshots separately, if they are taken by the iPad itself. If so – I think, the user has to permit the location service for the particular app in the preferences panel for that – it may give Blogsy the option to handle screenshots separately, maybe in a special album, which I can place in the toolbar, just beside the Photos-, Flick-r or YouTube-Button. That would be a nice little comfort-feature, because the way to a kind of special screenshots-folder/storage-area could be a bit shorter. (The App „Screenshots Journal“ uses this option for given me an album of all of my Screenshots taken on the iPad). I work quiet regularly with screenshots to blog about Apps or Website-(Designs) or other UI-Topics. The Screenshot-Journal App is useful – maybe you can integrate their Albums into Blogsy?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Henry,

      1) I have never heard of an iOS ability to handle screenshots separately. As far as I know they go straight to the iPad photo library. And in Blogsy you can access and upload photos from the iPad photo library so you already have access to the screenshots.

      2) If you use the default photo picker provided by iOS (the one you see in almost all apps) then the user does not have to turn on location services for the app. But if you design and access the photo library in a different way then the user must turn on location services. I don’t think turning on location services provides any ability to handle screenshots separately.

      3) If the app “Screenshots Journal” is creating a special album for screenshots in the iPad photo library then Blogsy can already access it and display it in the iPad photo library dock item in Blogsy. If they are just creating that album locally in their app then there is no way for Blogsy to access it.


  • Marilka says:

    I strated having this problem on my iPad today all of a sudden, that Blogsy simply minimizes itself (closes the app window but stays running in the running apps list) when I tap the photo icon to add some images to my blog. It started after I uploaded a Blogger post as draft. I tried deleting all drafts, local and online, rebooting the app and iPad, even reinstalling the app, but problem persists :/

    • Marilka says:

      Just to inform you – right after writing the previous comment, I tried one more thing: I opened iPhoto, which of course establishes its own connection to photo libraries, and after this, the photo adding started to work again. So I don’t know what caused it in the first place, but something buggy about the photo library and its commection with apps?

    • Lance says:

      Hello Marilka,

      Thank you for leaving the comment.

      We are aware of this bug. It is a very rare bug. But unfortunately it is not a bug in Blogsy, it is a bug in iOS. Many developers have reported it to Apple and they have acknowledged the bug and have told developers that they have the Apple engineers working on getting it fixed. What we have found is that it is triggered by an image imported into the iPad photo library (from a website, email, camera kit…) but there is no way to determine which image is causing it. All this information has been garnered from the other users that have reported it – we have never experienced this bug ourselves.

      The most common way to bypass the bug is to take a picture with your iPad. Then clear Blogsy from memory and then launch Blogsy again. We’ve had 10 to 20 people report this bug and for 90% of them this got them past the bug. For the others it took more effort but we were able to also get them past this bug problem. So, I assume when you opened iPhoto you saved a new image. This would be similar to taking a picture with your iPad and therefore it got you past this bug.

      If an app uses the default image picker than this bug does not exist. But if an app (like Blogsy) has a different UI so they want to access images on the iPad in a different way than the default image picker then the bug is there. And Apple does not limit themselves to the SDK when they develop their own apps so you can’t really compare other apps to Apple developed apps.

      If my explanations wasn’t clear or if you have any other questions please let me know.

      • Marilka says:

        Thanks for your reply, Lance!
        Your explanation was clear :) I use the camera kit quite frequently for I take a lot of pics and use my iPad for most of my photo administration (plus use them in my different blogs) . Hope Apple will (be able to) fix the bug soon.

        • Lance says:

          Hello Marilka,

          Thank you for getting back and letting me know my explanation was clear. If you have any further questions please let me know.

          Happy Blogging,

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