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!!! Blogger, Picasa, YouTube setup problem.

February 7th, 2014 | Posted by Lance in API Problems

Google (the owner of Blogger, Picasa and YouTube) has changed the return value type of one parameter in their OAuth Authentication response. This means that when you go to set up a Blogger, Picasa or YouTube account in Blogsy then Blogsy will crash or never stop trying to fetch the setup menu. This should only impact trying to set up a new account. If you have already set up your account in Blogsy before Google made this change it should not impact you.

To be precise, previously Google used the number “1” for the “verified_email” parameter when it’s valid in one of the OAuth Authentication responses.

But now they’re using string “true” for the “verified_email” parameter.

We have fixed this and now we are going to submit it to Apple and ask them to hurry and approve the update.

02/08/2014 Update

We tried to submit the update to Apple and got rejected. Here is a screenshot showing the rejection.

The reason for the rejection is that as of February 1st Apple requires all apps to be built with Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK. We have continued to build Blogsy in Xcode 4 because when we use Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK Blogsy’s drag and drop functionality no longer works and also it causes Blogsy to crash on an iPad 2 running iOS 7 (we are guessing this is related to a memory limit).

So we have to figure out how to overcome these changes Apple made in Xcode and the SDK. And there is no way to block iPad 2 users running iOS7 from using Blogsy so we have to try to figure out a solution to the iPad2 problem if we build with Xcode5. ¬†We are not sure exactly how long this will take but until we can get this figured out we won’t be able to submit the update fixing the change Google made in OAuth.

I will continue to update this post when we have more details to share.

2/11/2014 Update

We guess that enough developers complained to Google about their sudden change in OAuth because Google has restored it to the way it was before. This means that you should be able to once again set up your Blogger blog, YouTube, and Picasa accounts in Blogsy.

We are continuing to work on the update mentioned above so Blogsy can be build in Xcode5. And in that update we will add some code so even if Google changes OAuth in the same way users will still be able to set up their accounts.


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2 Responses

  • I’m a huge fan of Blogsy. I write a personal blog, and I also write blogs for customers nearly every day, and I use Blogsy. However, I have an iPad2, so I’m concerned. Please let me know if I’m going to have issues with Blogsy and iPad 2. I’m satisfied with my iPad, but Blogsy is very important to me, and I’ll upgrade to a new iPad if i need to.

    • Lance says:

      Hello Art,

      Those are nice words to read! Thank you very much.

      We just submitted the latest version of Blogsy to Apple and we are just waiting for them to approve it.

      We did a full test of the update on an iPad2 and we didn’t have any problems. So you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


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