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Update 3/4/2014

Apple has expedited the approval so you can now find Blogsy 4.3.1 in the App Store. Please update right away.

Also, Apple is doing something strange with a double install in certain situations. So after updating please look at the bottom of the Settings menu in Blogsy to confirm you are running 4.3.1. If it shows 4.3 then go to the App Store and look for the update to 4.3.1.
Sorry for these problems!

Updated 3/1/2014 (10:02 local time)

Thank you very much everyone for your answers and help. Thanks to the crash reports we have figured out what the problem is. 
If you had turned off the Blogsy footer in the previous version then updated this caused the crash. So the people that had not turned off the footer are the ones that are not having this instant crash.
We have submitted the update to Apple and we requested them to expedite the approval so we can get the fix out sooner. If you wait for this update to come out then you will once again be able to get to your local drafts. If you decide to do a clean reinstall then you can use it now but know there are a few bugs which we have also fixed in this update.
Here is what is in this update.
1) The instant crash problem is fixed. This had to do with the footer being turned off by users in the previous version they were running.
2) WordPress setup crash. If a user tries to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog this can intermittently cause a crash. If you keep trying you will eventually be able to set up your blog. This update fixes this so it will not longer crash.
3) Turning off the footer will no longer cause a crash.
4) Tumblr and Post Info. menu crash. If the blog is set to Tumblr then you try to open the Post Info. menu it will cause a crash. Also if you try to switch to a Tumblr blog in the Post Info. menu this will cause a crash. This is fixed in this update. 

We are getting quite a few emails from users saying that after they update to the latest version of Blogsy (Blogsy 4.3) it crashes as soon as they tap on Blogsy to open it.

We need your input because we are not able to reproduce this problem. If we can’t reproduce it then there is nothing for us to fix.

Users have said that if they delete Blogsy off of their iPad then download it from the App Store again they no longer have the problem. But we don’t consider this a solution.

Obviously we did full testing before we submitted the update and didn’t have any crashing problem. But now people are reporting the following three crashes.

1) Trying to turn off the Blogsy footer causes a crash. We have already fixed this and it will be part of the next update.

2) Trying to add a self-hosted WordPress blog infrequently causes a crash. We have fixed this and it will be part of the next update. But this crash should be intermittent. So if you keep trying to set up your blog you should eventually be able to.

3) The instant crash mentioned above.

a) We installed Blogsy 4.2.9 on our iPad and created some local drafts.
b) We went to the App Store and updated Blogsy to 4.3. (The strange thing is that Apple updated it once to 4.2.9 then we had to update again to 4.3. Did anyone experience this? Multiple people have reported having this same experience. We are wondering if this is related to the problem. We don’t have any control over this so we will reach out to Apple about it.)
c) We launched Blogsy and did not experience the instant crashing problem. So we are not able to reproduce this problem.

There is no way to determine if everyone is experiencing this instant crash or if only some users are experiencing it. The fact that we cannot reproduce it would lead us to believe that not all users are experiencing this problem. So we need to figure out what is different.

Can you please email us as much detail as possible so we can get this fixed and submit the next version to Apple and ask them to hurry and approve it? If enough people provide information we may be able to find something that is common and it will help us track down the cause.

Our email address is info@fomola.com

a) What generation of iPad are you using?
b) What version of iOS are you running?
c) Is your iPad jailbroken?
d) Did you have any local drafts in Blogsy?
e) Did you have a post open that you were working on before updating?
f) Did you experience the double update that we experienced?
g) Any other details you can think of?

We are very sorry your are experiencing this problem. We are trying hard to figure it out.

Latest Information: 3/1/2014

We have now had about 30 people provide answers to the questions we asked above. Every question had variation in the answers so they don’t provide any information to reproduce the problem. We have also had emails from users saying they update and didn’t experience the instant crashing problem.

So here is the latest question and request.

1) Is your iPad a cellular version or not?

2) Can you send us the crash log? This may help us track down the cause.

1. Sync with iTunes

Crash logs are transferred to iTunes whenever you sync your device. Plug in your device, and launch iTunes to complete the sync.

2. Retrieve the Crash Log

Mac Users:

  1. Open Finder (found in the Dock)
  2. Click on the ‘Go’ menu at the top of your screen, and select ‘Go to Folder’
  3. Type (or paste): ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
  4. Open the folder with the same ‘name’ as your device. (Note: your device name appears in iTunes on the left side, under ‘Devices’).
  5. You will see at least one item starting with ‘Blogsy’. Copy the latest one to your desktop.
  6. Send us an email (info@fomola.com) with that file attached.

Windows Vista/7 Users

  1. Open any Windows Explorer Window (My Computer, My Documents, etc.)
  2. Enter %appdata%, and press enter
  3. Navigate to Roaming > Apple computer > Logs > CrashReporter > Mobile Device > *Device Name*. (Note: your device name appears in iTunes on the left side, under ‘Devices’)
  4. You will see at least one item starting with ‘Blogsy’. Copy the latest one to your desktop.
  5. Send us an email (info@fomola.com) with that file attached.

Windows XP Users

  1. Locate your Application Data folder. To see instructions on how to find this folder, click here: eHow: How to access the Application Data Folder
  2. Navigate to Apple computer > Logs > CrashReporter > Mobile Device > *Device Name*. (Note: your device name appears in iTunes on the left side, under ‘Devices’)
  3. You will see at least one item starting with ‘Blogsy’. Copy the latest one to your desktop.
  4. Send us an email (info@fomola.com) with that file attached.




Google (the owner of Blogger, Picasa and YouTube) has changed the return value type of one parameter in their OAuth Authentication response. This means that when you go to set up a Blogger, Picasa or YouTube account in Blogsy then Blogsy will crash or never stop trying to fetch the setup menu. This should only impact trying to set up a new account. If you have already set up your account in Blogsy before Google made this change it should not impact you.

To be precise, previously Google used the number “1″ for the “verified_email” parameter when it’s valid in one of the OAuth Authentication responses.

But now they’re using string “true” for the “verified_email” parameter.

We have fixed this and now we are going to submit it to Apple and ask them to hurry and approve the update.

02/08/2014 Update

We tried to submit the update to Apple and got rejected. Here is a screenshot showing the rejection.

The reason for the rejection is that as of February 1st Apple requires all apps to be built with Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK. We have continued to build Blogsy in Xcode 4 because when we use Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK Blogsy’s drag and drop functionality no longer works and also it causes Blogsy to crash on an iPad 2 running iOS 7 (we are guessing this is related to a memory limit).

So we have to figure out how to overcome these changes Apple made in Xcode and the SDK. And there is no way to block iPad 2 users running iOS7 from using Blogsy so we have to try to figure out a solution to the iPad2 problem if we build with Xcode5.  We are not sure exactly how long this will take but until we can get this figured out we won’t be able to submit the update fixing the change Google made in OAuth.

I will continue to update this post when we have more details to share.

2/11/2014 Update

We guess that enough developers complained to Google about their sudden change in OAuth because Google has restored it to the way it was before. This means that you should be able to once again set up your Blogger blog, YouTube, and Picasa accounts in Blogsy.

We are continuing to work on the update mentioned above so Blogsy can be build in Xcode5. And in that update we will add some code so even if Google changes OAuth in the same way users will still be able to set up their accounts.


Blogsy 4.2.9 is now in the App Store

February 5th, 2014 | Posted by Jusung in Blogsy | Bugs | Improve | iPad | Update - (2 Comments)

The following items are in this update.

1) TextExpander – TextExpander now works with the new methods TextExpander requires. To update your snippets there is a button in Settings -> General Settings -> “Refresh TexExpander Snippets”.

2) TextExpander – TextExpander now works on the Rich Side in Blogsy.

3) Copy & Paste – Very rarely iOS adds some hidden code in the copy & paste content. Typically the ascii codes are from 0 to 127. But the ascii code for this hidden code is 8232. Blogs do not understand this ASCII code when publishing through the API so the blog will send back an error code. Blogsy now strips out this ASCII code if it is found when pasting something in from another app or website.

4) Local draft images after update – When you update an app the address to the database gets changed. This means that after an update Blogsy can no longer find the display image to display it in the local draft. The post is actually fine and if you were to publish it the photos would appear in your post correctly. It's just that Blogsy is not able to display the images if the local draft created before the update had images from the iPad photo library in it. This update fixes this issue, so any updates after this one will no longer have this problem.



This is our latest update to fix a bug and to update a few things.

But before I get into the details of what is in this update I need to ask for feedback. According to the reviews in the App Store some people had some problems after our last update. We do a thorough testing before we submit an update and we would never submit an update if we were having any problems in our testing. So we really need people that have a problem to email us (info@fomola.com) and let us know the problem. We need the details so we can try to reproduce it and figure it out. Unfortunately Apple does not provide us with any way to contact the people leaving the review in the App Store so we can't contact them for details. And we are not having any problems here so there is nothing for us to look into or test.

I would also like to ask people to take a few minutes to leave a review. These reviews are the most important factor in determining sales for an app. If mainly the people that are leaving reviews are the ones having a problem then the sales plummet and we have trouble paying our bills. Sorry for being so direct about this but we have reached a critical stage.

Now, on to a happier subject. The following is what can be found in this update.

1) Flickr orientation update: As I talked about in a previous post, Flickr changed their API and this caused images that are in portrait orientation to be sized based on landscape orientation in Blogsy. We have figured out a way to program around this Flickr API change so this update fixes that.

2) TextExpander update: Apple forced TextExpander to make changes to their programming. The results of that are that all apps using TextExpander have to be updated. This only effects iOS7 users. In Blogsy you will now find a “Refresh TextExpander Snippets” button in the Settings menu. Settings -> General Settings -> Refresh TextExpander Snippets.

3) Squarespace 5 bug: Blogsy would crash the first time you tried to update a post to your blog. This is fixed.

4) Translation update: Two French words were incorrectly translated.



Blogsy and Google Authenticator

December 12th, 2013 | Posted by Lance in Blogsy | FAQ | Fomola | How-To | Information | iPad - (0 Comments)

We have had a few people have their blog send back a 425 error with the following message. This account has two step authentication enabled. Please configure an application-specific password to use with this application.

This happens when the Google Authenticator plugin is being used on a WordPress blog but it has not been set up for support for

These are the steps to set up your blog in Blogsy if you are using the Google Authenticator plugin.

1) Sign into your WP-admin in a browser.

2) Go to the Google Authenticator Settings. In the WP Admin go to Users -> Your Profile and you will find the Google Authenticator settings.

3) Enable the App Password feature.

4) Click the “Create new password” Button. (See the screenshot below). It will give you some code like the following. “JB67 CX3K 4YQE KGKW”. Save you settings.

5) Use the code as your password when setting up your blog in Blogsy. (Ignore the empty spaces between the groups of characters so the password will look like this “JB67CX3K4YQEKGWK”.)



PUPS 1.0.6 can now be found in the App Store

December 6th, 2013 | Posted by Lance in Bugs | PUPS - (0 Comments)

This update fixes a crashing problem if the WordPress blog did not have the blog title set in the WP-admin settings.

If the blog title was not set for the blog then PUPS would crash when trying to set up the blog in PUPS.

PUPS will not longer crash if the blog does not have a title set.

Happy Blogging!



There is a bug in the Flickr API which is causing a problem in Blogsy. I will go through an explanation of the problem and a workaround until Flickr resolves this or we are able to come up with a way to program around it.


When you drag in an image to your post from Flickr Blogsy sends a request of details about that photo to Flickr through the API. Along with other information, we get the dimensions of that image. From the dimensions or the original sized image Flickr provides we size the image for placement in your blog post. By default Blogsy resizes it to 500 pixels for the longest side. (There's an option in the Settings menu to change the number of pixels to resize it to.)

But Flickr changed something in their API so the original sized image dimensions are not correct. This problem only happens with photos that are in portrait orientation.

In this screenshot you can see that I dragged in photo in the portrait orientation but it is being resized as a photos in landscape orientation. So the picture is stretch out and obviously not displaying correctly.



In this screenshot you can see our test results when we do the Flickr API test. Notice the dimensions of the “Original” sized image. The dimensions are reversed and this is why the image is showing up incorrectly in Blogsy. We have pointed to these incorrect dimension numbers with the red arrows in the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.38.20 PM


We have requested support from Flickr for this. If you would like to see our support request and follow our communication with them you can see it here – http://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/72157638375356504/

Hopefully Flickr will get this fixed quickly. If not then we will attempt to figure out a way to program around this bug.


The following is a temporary workaround until Flickr fixes the bug or we are able to figure out a way to program around the bug and that update comes out in the App Store.

1) First drag in your image or images.


2) Flip to the HTML Side in Blogsy and locate the image embed code. In the image embed code select the width and height information and delete it. (be careful to only delete the width and height information and not any other part of the embed code.)

After you delete it, it will look like this.

3) Flip back to the Rich Side and your photo will be correctly displayed.



One user reported that he kept getting a network error message when trying to upload to his blog. When we tested uploading to his blog using PUPS we found that his blog required a timeout parameter to be set in the uploading request. So this update is just to add a a 30 second timeout parameter to the uploading request.



Do you have two YouTube accounts associated with one Google ID?

Some people have two accounts; one connected to their basic gmail account and one connected to their Google+ account, which both are associated with the same Google ID. The following are the steps to be able to set up both of those YouTube accounts in Blogsy. Google provides this so users can take advantage of 3rd party apps.

First set up new login credentials for your Google+ account.

Here are the steps to set up login credentials for the Google+ page. Google’s original FAQ about this can be found here – (https://support.google.com/plus/answer/2882201)

  1. Open Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu.
  2. Click Pages.
  3. Click Manage this page on the page for which you’d like to set up your username and password.
  4. Click Settings in the bar at the top of the page.
  5. Scroll down to “Third party tools” and click Set up a password.

Note: Only a page owner can request a page password.

Second, once you have those new login credentials go to Blogsy and set up your YouTube account.

In Blogsy go to Settings -> Service Settings -> Manage Dock Items -> YouTube -> Add a New Account, and set up your YouTube account.

Happy Blogging!



What can be found in this update:

  1. Updated to use the latest TextExpander Framework so once again users can use TextExpander on the HTML Side in Blogsy.
  2. Added back in the option to “Remove Style” when pasting something into Blogsy.
  3. Fixed the More tag compatibility issue with iOS7
  4. Fixed the preview draft problem for self-hosted WordPress users which appeared after the latest update of WordPress.
  5. Added support for the Open ID log in using Facebook or Google ID when setting up a Flickr account in Blogsy.
  6. Added a message explaining that some of the formatting options don’t work when there is an iFrame element in the post (usually a YouTube video). And explained that if they remove that iFrame element they will be able to use those formatting options then they can add their iFrame element back to their post.